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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Illegal Alien's (Barack Obama) AWOL Birth Certificate


The image to the left is not acceptable. Neither is the one that FactCheck, an organization that the Annenberg Foundation owns, said was real just before it was proven to be a forgery and the one that photo shopped the COLB admitted his product was indeed a forgery. Unfortunately, somehow forging a Birth Certificate isn't illegal. Silly me thought that it was. I guess it all depends who the "criminal" is.

There are now 12 States that have suits filed demanding the almost president-elect to provide his bonafides. The Marxist Fraud and illegal alien Barack Hussein Obama, unaffectionately called Czarbama, Czarbie, Nobama and a host of other non-flattering titles has gone to great lengths to avoid this issue. I can only surmise that he cannot provide any tangible evidence as to his natural-born American status because he has none. If he did, he would have produced it as a political coup. It would have been a good one. But he didn't so he won't because he doesn't.

THEORY: he has been a constitutional professor and is planning on "holding out" until after the ACTUAL election for the Presidency by the Electoral College. If the Electoral College does in fact elect the fraud and illegal alien Obama there is going to be a Constitutional conundrum over electing an ineligible Presidential aspirant. Hang on...it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Obama has until December 1, 2008 to produce his documentation as so ordered by Justice Souter via a writ. The details can be found in much better detail at Right Side News. Naturally, all of the libtard blogs and news sites are understandably silent. Other sites are at People's Passion, Obama Crimes (other than his cocaine dealing and usage which explains his inability to speak coherently for more than 3 words at a time - called cocaine brain), Remote Viewer, SCOTUS web site (view of docket) and Power Line Forum.

The questions (too many at this point) is how far is Obama willing to take this? Is he counting on a complete disarming of the United States Constitution? If this goes passed the Electoral College session on 12/13/08 with Electoral College votes being thrown out because Obama is not eligible, will Congress step in and say something like this?: "Well he was elected and the Constitution is a flexible document so the eligibility clause regarding the eligibility requirements for the President is outdated therefore we need to forgo this clause at this time". Will this be the breaking point? And, if so, which way will it break?

One view of docket

The birth certificate issue is a major issue and I know this because the media is silent. So are the moonbats. Other issues are Barack's medical and education records which he has failed to produce and reveal for no reason other than to hide his acute inability to be honest and forthright. What else is he hiding? Is it his cocaine use did cause the brain damage the substance causes? It would explain his speech patterns...he has difficulty carrying on a conversation on the fly unless he is talking smack.

We will find out by 12/1/08. In Hawaii, we have until 11/10/08 when the theoretical and mystical and ever allusive birth certificate is going to magically appear after better people at forgery have had ample time to create a "valid" birth certificate.

No Compromise has a post listing contact information for the law suits piling up including 24 Electoral College members joining the fray.

Naturally, Atlas Shrugs is all over this. Also check out The Valley Truth.

Velvet Hammer has a good chronological listing on this issue.

He doesn't have one.

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