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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Nation Divided


Published at Canada Free Press

What has happened to this Nation? When did we become this politically split? Not since 1860 and possibly a few years before have we been this politically split - two ideologies diametrically opposed. Which side is correct? The Litmus Test would be the United States Constitution. It would be wise for either side to determine if their policies currently in place and those being proposed and currently being campaigned upon pass the Constitutional Litmus Test.

Voters have to determine which candidates are closely adhering to the United States Constitution or at least the closest to our Constitution. The problem is this - very few of us actually know what the Constitution actually says about any issue.

I have finally run across a prominent writer that has decided to brave the fires that will soon come. I am pleased that someone other than myself has come out and warned of a possible American Civil War. Something has to give. We cannot continue down this path of being so diametrically opposed one against the other because sooner or later, the colliding ideologies will no longer be sated by verbiage.

Noel Sheppard writes:
No matter who wins Tuesday America is going to be a different country.

When the sun rises on November 5, regardless of who the president-elect is, a more un-United States than has existed since the Civil War will wake to dispute the results of the disgusting campaign that has mercifully come to an end.

Whoever the losers, they will believe they were cheated, and will point fingers at those they believe responsible. Almost half the nation will view the winner as illegitimate, and will do everything in their power to undermine his authority as long as he's in the White House.

With this animosity will come a new level of hatred between those of differing political persuasions like nothing our country has experienced in the modern era.

Putting it bluntly, and without sounding too much like Rev. Jeremiah "G-d Damn America" Wright, there will be no such thing as Americans anymore.

Instead, there'll be Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, and encounters between the members of these groups will for years nay decades be at best unfriendly, and at worst quite hostile if not downright violent.

Think this an overstatement? Consider first what Wednesday will look like if John McCain pulls off the upset.

To begin with, let's be very clear about one thing: Democrats believe that if they lose an election it's because their opponent cheated. It's never their fault. It's never because they ran a poor campaign. It's never because their opponent ran a better one. [...]
For those of you that know me either on a personal face-to-face basis or via my writings and BTR shows know that I have been talking of this for nearly forever. I have warned of the American Civil War Part 2. We are in the midst of one at this very moment.

The Democrat Party has been infiltrated by known Marxists and it is plainly obvious. Through the decades since FDR, socialism has been trying and largely succeeding at rewriting our history. Our Nation was warned of this decades ago in the early 1960s and has gone largely ignored because it made too many waves and it irked the socialists of the time. Now, those warnings are coming home to roost in the person of Barack Hussein Obama.

We are a Federal Republic and use Democratic Principles to elect our Representatives. Socialism/Marxism cannot co-exist in the same Nation in the same Government. Sooner or later, one will give in to the other. The question is, which one will win out? Which one offers Freedom, unhindered, and which one creates an air of dependency on the government for everything? Which one frees its people and which one enslaves its people?

Name me one socialist/Marxist nation that has a problem with too many people wanting to move there. Just one. I dare say that there doesn't exist a socialist/Marxist nation that has a problem with people coming in but they do have a problem with people trying to get the hell out. Prove me wrong. You won't be able to but the challenge is there.

[...] The beginning of the 21st century will surely be looked back on as a golden age of paranoia. The headlines of today fairly ooze with the delusions and vast conspiracies dreamed of in the mind of the paranoid left.

If we go back a little we can find reams of material to document this process, but let's look at a few.

There has been a series of bizarre conspiracy theories emanating from anxious leftists in the last 8 years as they attempt to keep the holes in their ideology plugged; thus preventing any reality from washing over them or flooding their cognitive processes.

Every time a leak in that ideological dike appears, the paranoid brand chewing gum is brought out to stop it up. The TNG memos were a clever plot by Karl Rove. The Bush Administration was behind 9/11; Katrina was allowed to destroy New Orleans because Bush hates blacks. George Bush is about to impose a theocracy on the unsuspecting U.S. Pat Tillman was murdered because he wanted to meet with anti-war activist Norm Chomsky. The list of the paranoid delusions goes on and on and on.

Taken as a whole, they are evidence of an ongoing and determined refusal to face reality--because it is a reality that threatens the belief system of a whole section of the American population. Without the delusions and conspiracies concocted by the always creative political left, their whole house of Marxist cards will come crumblin' down. [...]
And so on and so forth. The article is an excellent and must read. The children of the inmates have run amok.

Barack Hussein Obama is a sociopath...THE SOCIOPATH WHO WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT
[...] This creepy sense of foreboding descended upon me the very first time that I observed Barack Obama and intensified as I watched his actions throughout the primaries and most recently during the presidential campaign against John McCain. Red warning flags began to flutter all around my mind while his masses celebrated with orgasmic frenzy. Sometimes the mental circuit breakers that tripped were rather innocuous, such as when he refused to honor the flag through either proper embracing of his breast or through abandonment of the lapel pin (a personal belief that seems to have changed as of late). During other periods, the flares touched off were from more egregious actions, such as Senator Obama’s two-decade association with a racist, anti-American preacher and his equally close association with an unrepentant terrorist. [...]
The above is yet another must read. It explains quite a bit. It is plainly and overtly obvious that Barack Obama suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Wake up America and vote accordingly