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Sunday, November 2, 2008

E-Day On The Horizon, Part 4


James Edmund Pennington asks the following:
McCain and his supporters have only a single battle cry for the last week, but it could be powerful:

America, do you want to give unchecked, unlimited, near total power to the left wing of the Democratic Party? Because, if you elect Barack Obama, that is what you will be doing.

If Obama is elected, the Democrats will have not only the Presidency, but almost certainly massive, veto-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress as well. They will be able to do anything they want. Absolutely anything.

Are you comfortable with that, America? Do you know and trust Barack Obama well enough to give him power on a level never before possessed by any previous US President? [...]
Naturally, the Right Wing Trolls will say yes because it is better for the country in the long run. They have obviously never seen madness and mayhem before up front, close and personal.

McCain's end game is pretty good strategery and while the leftists keep hate alive and the Eeyores joining in, he will pull it off. Taking advantage of Obama's obvious radicalism (anti-Americanism) after his ignition of his ideological war against the United States, the Candy Effect, just in the nick of time, has settled the election. Barry is doomed.

Obama's recent unearthed audio that reveals his utter contempt for this nation, here comes yet one more. He has promised to bankrupt the coal industry in this nation right after telling everyone he is all for clean coal right after Joe said that there will be no clean coal in this nation. So, are those mixed signals or misspeaks again? He has also stated that we should send "price signals" to change behavior. I guess he doesn't like the elderly too much either. He was referring to oil prices...go figure. Will he be for euthanasia next?

The closer we get to E-Day, the more Obama hangs himself out to dry. McCain will win this thing, Eeyores, crooks and liars not withstanding. Miracles of miracles, naturally. The more Obama changes his tax plan when it is criticized, the more and more he damages the credibility he wishes he had.

It has been said that the "Conservatism's Sunshine Patriots Will Never Live Down Their Collaboration With The Obama Campaign" and that is exactly so.
We have been treated in recent weeks to an unfortunate procession of people on the Right lending their assistance to Barack Obama against the Republican presidential ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin. These people should never be listened to or employed in any responsible or prominent position by anyone in the Republican Party or the conservative movement again.

One group - including Colin Powell, Ken Adelman, Charles Fried, Scott McClellan, and Christopher Buckley - has explicitly endorsed Obama. Like hostages giving forced confessions, their statements doing so seem to repeat the same basic list of 3 or 4 talking points aimed at swaying wavering moderates. Members of a second group - Chuck Hagel, Paul O'Neill - have declined to formally endorse but have nonetheless made numerous appearances with Obama and lent their good names to his policy initiatives. A third group - David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, David Frum, George Will, Kathleen Parker - has remained nominally on the side of the McCain-Palin ticket but exerted far more effort tearing down that ticket than on addressing the problems presented by the Obama-Biden ticket, often using the terms and tone reserved for full-throated opposition to a candidate's election. The net effect of all of these efforts has been to provide a patina of bipartisan moderation to the Obama campaign, whose nominee has done so little to deserve the title, and undoubtedly to sow confusion among center-right voters who are less familiar with Obama's record. [...]

I call them cowards and turn coats. Handing the nation over to a Marxist is tantamount to treason. And doing so to curry favor in a just in case scenario speaks volumes to their character.

Did you know that the scum on the left don't want Free Speech for the opposition?
If you don’t already hate the radical Left, then here is yet another reason to do so: The Bolsheviks of the Left, determined to destroy traditional America, hate America so thoroughly they want to shut down free speech in totality.

How/why do I know this? I did an experiment today, and the degenerates came through and proved it. In Kalifornia, there is a proposition on the ballot to ban homosexual “marriage”, Prop 8. Someone gave me a “Yes on Prop 8″ yard sign. I put it out this morning on a front lawn in San Jose. By the time I came back at 4 pm it had been stolen. The vermin, the boll weevils, the filthy scum that are the radical left, had taken it upon themselves to engage in criminal activity to silence my right of free speech. And they did it in less than 7 hours! [...]
And that is merely one example of thousands around the nation. And while you are considering a vote, remember that Barack didn't want to fix the prime mortgage quagmire induced by his political party. Instead of acting on it, he wrote a letter. That should fix it. Neither he or Biden can decide where the upper money makers are...it is either $250K, or $200K or $150K or, well, who knows. I have even heard that it is around $84K. If they cannot decide where it is now, what will they do if they ever get into office? I guess we can contribute that to campaign fatigue? Or is it just confusion?

If the FBI wouldn't hire the cretin Obama because of his ties to anti-Americanists, how in the world could someone in good conscience either vote for him or enable his victory by being an idiot and doing whatever it took to torpedo McCain because he doesn't fit The Mold of some imagined candidate molded after a dead man? World Leaders see Obama as weak, immature and wrong headed in Foreign Affairs and that should be enough for a non vote, one would think.

The moonbats on the left (and I have no doubt moonbats on the right will join them) are planning "tantrums" if McCain wins. I hope they are prepared because McCain is going to win. He must because 6 months into an Obama win, ugly will need to be redefined.

Iran wants an Obama presidency. Obama wants to kill Free Enterprise. The DNC denies our United States Armed Forces members their right to vote on a regular basis in every election. The DNC, if you oppose them, will dig up any and all dirt on you and if they cannot find any, they will invent some. And that is without full control of the White House and Congress and any other political positions. What do you suppose will happen if they do have total control? Vote accordingly.

Obama also wants to control how much energy you use...his plan is to CONTROL the prices of energy.

Even Rush, not your stalwart fan of McCain, has predicted a McCain victory. I guess he is an idiot as well.