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Sunday, November 2, 2008

E-Day On The Horizon, Part 2


Let us take a look at the socialist roots of Obama's Marxist tax plan.
The Story of Obama's membership in the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party (and the New Party its spawned) is not like other Obama Mysteries, like the birth certificate issue. With the Senator's Socialist ties there is CLEAR UNDENIABLE Evidence available with a little search engine "elbow grease." Since I started reporting on this last may, we have been sending this info to the Media, including conservative media. It still is ignored. The fact is that Senator Obama was an active member of the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party and this is where his "income redistribution tax plan evolved from: [...] Read the rest
The above is a snippet from Yid posted at WUA and is a great piece as always. In conjunction with the above lengthy post, it has recently surfaced that, "Obama: White People Don't Like to Pay Taxes Because they Know the Taxes Will Go to Inner City Kids". I thought that video was very interesting. Talk about a RACIST remark. WOW. That, my friends, was taken DIRECTLY from Saul Alinsky...bank it. Social Engineering, lie, cheat, steal, mislead and apply innuendo after innuendo. Don't worry about facts because the allegations will cause those afraid of PC to run around trying to disprove your "statements" and will go along with you to prove it thus SUPPORTING your own racism. Pathetic.

More on the ever morphing Obama Tax Thing called a Plan. Obama's Marxist garbage got some criticizing from McCain so, in the process of refuting McCain's charges, Obama admitted to it by changing his plan to make McCain happy...sort of. The guy is an idiot this Obama. He used poli-speak and the media sucked it all in without a trace on their chins; "Obama Tweaks Tax Plan to Rebut McCain". Amazing, isn't it?

Looking deeper into the incredulous lie of Obama's totally fraudulent "tax breaks for the middle class", Ned Barnett simply eviscerates Obama's lunacy. He says he wants the tax base to be that of the 1990s where we had the LARGEST tax increases in the history of this nation under President Clinton AFTER Clinton said that he would NOT raise the taxes on the middle class. Sound familiar? Add to that, the lapsing of the Bush Tax Cuts, the tax rates will go UP for EVERYONE across the board. Obama is a liar.

Political Mavens calls Obama The Deceiver (sound familiar anyone?).
Barack Obama will raise your taxes. All of them. Income taxes. Capital gains taxes. Dividend taxes. Payroll taxes. Death taxes. Cap and trade taxes. Natural resource taxes. Global Poverty Taxes. And more.

Why does Obama need SO much more of your money? To pay for his $1 trillion in NEW spending, of course.

But there’s something else.

He needs you to pay for reparations to the black community for slavery.

He wants the Supreme Court to “redistribute the wealth” in order to force “economic justice.” His remark to Joe the Plumber that he wants to “spread the wealth around” wasn’t a fluke. [...]
I don't owe anyone anything for something that I nor my ancestors did not do to anyone or even if they did. PERIOD. Obama is a fraud. The idiot calls it the "higher purpose". What a charade. The Mavens also explain Obama's wealth distribution crap very well also.

RWN wants to know if we can call Obama a socialist now and I say YES! Why? Because he is.

Hanson explains it all in depth right here.

In Part 1 in this short series, I mentioned that some don't know what socialism is. Here is a post that asks the question, "What's Wrong With Socialism?" WOW. Go read that ands then tell me what in the hell is wrong with our education system and why the List of 45 is widely ignored. OK?

Do you recall the reactions that spewed from the libtards that have NO idea what our Constitution says about anything when Sarah Palin said that the VP was "in charge" of the Senate? Well, that's what the Constitution says so the McCain Camp sent Chris Leg Vibe Matthews a copy of the Constitution. I wonder if he has read it yet.

Some say that Obama is the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter and others are calling him the Second Coming of LBJ. Neither one is desirable. I don't think that Jimmy or Lyndon actually funneled money to know communist organizations but Obama sure has. This is why he is called the Marxist candidate.

This election isn't over until it is over and that is when the Electoral College convenes. Unfortunately, the more "intelligent ones" seem to think the election was over last month. I call that Brain Deaditis. Some of the Brain Dead actually are saying that they are going to punish the GOP by voting for Obama. I call them Party Hacks and ignorant idiots. Good idea. Screw the country because your feelings are hurt. Bashman has something for you.