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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fair Weather Conservatives? Apply Red Posterior Salve


Apparently, the finger pointers across the spectrum are busily trying to find a scapegoat for their failure to place a winning GOP ticket together. They made a good run and a great attempt but lost. JPA sums it up Spot On:
John McCain lost the election because it was John McCain. I voted for him and supported him during the election because I knew he would be a much better choice than Barack Obama. However, I've been saying since the primaries that when strong conservatives aren't the Republican nominee, Republicans don't win anything. Even when they do win like George W. Bush did in 2000 and 2004, the margin was way too close for comfort. Republicans have been trying to replace constitutional and Christian conservatism with their own watered down version of secular progressivism and socialism that's only appealing when viewing it in comparison to Democrats. The new moderate, bipartisan, socialist, new tone Republicans don't and won't win anything, EVER!!! And yet, these losers continue to live in denial. They're now pointing fingers at Sarah Palin! "Was she too conservative for America?" You IDIOTS! This country has two groups of voters: conservatives and socialists! Conservatives want to vote for conservative leaders and socialists want to vote for socialist leaders. Conservative voters have always outnumbered socialist voters. But when America has a choice between strong socialism and moderate socialism, the socialists will go out and vote for the stronger socialist and the conservatives will stay home! We can bitch and moan all day long about how that's not the right thing for conservative voters to do, but that's just the way it is! For Republican elites to ask questions like, "Was Sarah Palin too conservative for the McCain campaign?" or "Did Sarah Palin cost McCain the election?" only proves how out of touch they are with their voter base! She is the one and only thing that energized the base during this election cycle. If McCain hadn't chosen her to be his running mate, McCain would have lost the election by an even bigger margin. Instead of thanking Sarah for keeping McCain from becoming the Republican's equivalent to Walter Mondale, your blaming her instead. And you socialist moderate Republicans wonder why you lost??? Incredible!!!!
Well stated. Why those that call themselves "conservatives" would side with ABC or any other leftist outfit is beyond the pale of comprehension. I have started the mass collection of posts and articles of idiots trying to blame Sarah Palin and they can be found here. Below is a chosen few good pieces for your hunting pleasure.

That should whet that appetite.

I am always wondering who the cowards are that have to do the "anonymous" source thing.

More at Memeorandum...

Whereas I understand that the Fair Weather Conservatives and the Eeyores did what they did in protest, frustration and plain ignorance and stupidity, I certainly do not approve of it nor condone it. I have even heard and read comments that although they didn't want Obama to win, they didn't vote for McCain out of principle. I will never comprehend, understand or accept such blissful cop-out idiocy. Ever. That is the culmination of lazy people that only "get involved" when the battles are easy to win. Making it possible for an illegal alien to win an election for the Presidency out of principle is a failed, faulty and defective principle and I pray that I never get that lethal disease. If I ever do, please shoot me and put me out of my self-induced misery and intellectual coma.

That is all. Carry on.

Sic vis pacem para bellum

Fight Accordingly

[UPDATE]: others blogging...

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