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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lenin Has Aged Well


He has also gotten himself quite a tan.

E-Day 2008 has come and gone and the fraud Obama has stolen the nation away from the Constitution of these United States - well - not so united but you get my drift. With that said, let me get directly to the point.

I once swore an Oath to this nation. As a matter of fact, I have sworn that Oath several times in the service of this Nation. I swore to protect this Nation against both domestic and foreign enemies. Therefore, I do not nor will I recognize Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States, so called, for the following reasons. (I reserve the right to "change" my mind in the "hope" that certain conditions are met) Nor will I recognize him as my President. He is most assuredly not the legitimate President Elect. The Electoral College has not yet convened nor have they voted. If Barack Hussein Obama does not produce his official birth certificate and present it to the US Congress for verification, the Electoral College, by the confines of the United States Constitution, cannot cast votes for a non-natural born US citizen.

As it were...

All of this is "Rather" straightforward and obvious even to the oblivious. Not only is this straightforward, it is very much simple and a matter of fact. Barack Hussein Obama is a consummate fraud and here is why:

* No one knows who he is.
* No one knows who he is because he has hidden everything from scrutiny and from the public.
* He has not produced his medical records.
* He has not produced a verified or certified birth certificate (a forged COLB does not count)
* He has not produced his "higher education" records.
* He hides behind the mantra of "racism" when criticized and questioned.
* He threw friends and relatives under the bus when he could no longer hide behind his relations with them and then denied he ever associated with many of them.
* He associates himself with obvious anti-Americanist "radicals" both foreign and domestic.
* He shared their beliefs until it became politically expedient not to and pretens he never shared those beliefs.
* He ran on "change" and "honesty" all the while deceiving those gullible enough to be deceived.
* He ran on the mantra of "honesty" and "honest politics" and has done neither.
* He is a deceiver and hides that which he believes in.
* He has revealed nothing to indicate his convictions.
* He holds all sides of all issues depending upon who he is addressing at the moment.
* He is withholding the truth about that which he intends to do once he takes office.
* He is a self-admitted "socialist" and he did so by referring to that as "opportunity" and then saying that we were being "selfish" for not wanting to pay higher taxes.
* He is a member of the Democrat Party and he hides his Leninism behind that facade.
* That facade is a Marxist Leninism that allies itself with Islam...they are one in the same in practice and enforcement.
* His actions can only hide his intention of creating and establishing a Marxist Dictatorship through taxation and control.
* He sympathizes and has empathy towards our enemies.
* He has violated the Logan Act upon occasion.
* He will impose the Fairness Doctrine.
* He will "side with the Muslims should the winds change" in that direction.
* He will federalize "hate speech" and impose laws to enforce them.
* He will outlaw criticism of Islam and adjust immigration laws accordingly.
* He will create that Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the United States Military. This has been verified by many sources as well as himself...he talks of it often.
* He will turn his back on Israel
* Israel will be forced to act on her own against Iran and its allies and this may happen before his illegal inauguration.
* Nancy Pelosi has the same feelings towards Israel and so does Harry Reid. Her trip to the Middle East also in violation of the Logan Act merely confirms Barack's intentions.
* He ran a campaign on empty rhetoric and dispatched his Goon/Truth Squads to stifle dissent when the truth was to be revealed.
* He has thoroughly evil intents on this nation and our Troops.
* He was "selected" under false pretenses and will rule under said same.
No. I do not recognize or accept his "presidency", his "dictatorship" or his tyrannical intents. I am not deceived "mister" Obama. Not. For. One. Moment.

Yes indeed. Stalin and Lenin and Marx would be proud.

Sic vis pacem para bellum