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Friday, November 7, 2008

So You Say You Want A Revolution?


I have been saying this for almost an eternity and it is about time someone that has the wherewithal to actually do it.

For decades the DNC has been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades the United States Supreme Court has been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades the Special Interest Groups has been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades the Lobbyists have been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades the Federal Judges and Courts across this Nation have been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades Academia have been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

For decades the Enemies of The State both foreign and domestic have been hell-bent on rendering the United States Constitution null and void.

I challenge any and all to viably refute the above allegations. But, first, bring your ammunition. My ammunition will be the United States Constitution. My arsenal will include the List of 45. I know the Communist Manifesto nearly by heart so I already know what the enemy arsenal will be. Bring it.

A telling tale will be the next case involving the United States Supreme Court. Barack Hussein Illegal Alien Obama and the DNC has until 01 DEC 2008 to provide proof of natural-born American status. He and they have had two years to provide such documentation. Last month, by default, the DNC and Barack the Illegal Alien admitted that they had no proof but the powers that be were too cowardly to force the issue...a Clinton Era Marxist Judge ruled that an American Citizen cannot challenge the Illegal Alien That Would Be First Czar of the United Socialist States of KKK America.

What this Nation needs to do is to return to the United States Constitution. Period. Nothing less than that will seal the demise of Traditional America that once was the Beacon of Freedom. At the moment, it is just one more Third World Socialist POS with a Marxist illegal alien as its leader. The Nation might recover but it will take time. Perhaps this might be a route to pursue:
As Republicans, we face a choice.

Either we can spend the next several months -- or years -- trying to figure out what just happened, excusing our defeat away as a temporary blip or the result of a poor environment, and waiting for Barack Obama to trip up. Or we can refuse to take this defeat lying down, and start building the future of our party now.

2008 made one thing clear: if allowed to go unchecked, the Democrats' structural advantages, including their use of the Internet, their more than 2-to-1 advantage with young voters, their discovery of a better grassroots model -- will be as big a threat to the future of the GOP as the toxic political environment we have faced the last few years.

The time is now to set in motion the changes needed to rebuild our party from the grassroots up, modernize the way we run campaigns, and attract different, energetic, and younger candidates at all levels.

We must be conservative in philosophy -- but bold in our approach. We don't need a slight tweak here or there. We need transformation. We can't keep fighting a 21st century war with 20th century weapons.

This is a document about bringing the Republican Party into the future -- and it isn't just about strategies and tactics.

Revitalizing the party will have much to do with how we talk about issues and standing on principle. And, above all, it will require leadership.

At the same time, waiting for a political savior to materialize out of thin air is not an option. Eventually, strong new leaders will emerge. And when they do, they must inherit a party stronger than the one in its current state. Our grassroots must be stronger and more open. We must inspire young leaders to want to run for office as Republicans.

We are asking all the candidates for RNC Chairman to pledge their support for this plan as a starting point for our way out of the wilderness.

Our focus will not end with the current party leadership race. We will continue advancing the tenets of this plan throughout the next election cycle. We will hold our leaders accountable for implementing the plan. And we'll continue to refine with feedback from smart, up-and-coming leaders in the GOP, and help our local parties implement this strategy at the local level.

Change starts now. Complacency is no longer an option. [...] Read the rest
That may or may not help but it is a start. The problem is this;


They have obviously not been paying attention to their surroundings. I knew this when Bush Sr took office as VP where this nation was heading.

The segment linked above started out wrong and the segment ends wrong. Replace "Republicans" with "Conservative Americans" and replace the "Complacency is no longer an option" with "Complacency is never an option and will be unacceptable. If you want to be complacent, drop dead. We don't want cowards in the ranks."

Perhaps this one is a better route to take.

The NEW Reagan Revolution
Bring Conservatism BACK!

Perhaps. It all depends.
From the Desk of Michael Reagan

Dear Conservative Friend,

It's official: America has its first truly Socialist president... and it's the Republican Party's fault.

No, scratch that -- it's the so-called "leaders" of the GOP who are at fault for this humiliating defeat -- and I say it's time to name names and make heads roll in our party. Because, my fellow conservatives, we have been BETRAYED by the very people who promised that, if we would just elect them, they would get into office and vote OUR conservative values.


But we CAN resurrect it -- IF we start TODAY to take action, by both booting out our failed fake-conservative "leadership" AND vowing to FIGHT tooth and nail against the coming tidal wave of destructive, anti-American legislation that's now heading our way... thanks to Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

We CAN fight back -- Join me now in the NEW Reagan Revolution, to bring Conservatism BACK! [...] read the rest
Yes indeed. The GOP lied and I have also been saying that for years and years.

Over the next two years we need to identify and eliminate from DC every single RINO or CINO currently in a political position and we can start with Lindsey Graham. That idiot said the Emmanuel was an excellent choice. Moron. Damned fool that he is.

Sic vis pacem para bellum

Fight Accordingly