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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Democrats: Doubling Down On Defeat


The same Democrats that tried to lose the war in 2006 and 2007 are now trying to ensure ultimate defeat in the long run. John Jerk-Off Murtha said this recently:
The Defense Department is going to have to cut personnel in order to pay for procurement. . . . I don’t know that they are going to be able to keep growing the Army," said Murtha, adding, "Personnel costs are out of control."
As far as I know, hasn't Obama stated that increasing the size of the military was one of his highest priorities? And, hasn't Murtha been running his re-election bid on the most important aspect is his total support of the military? Seems to me that either one or both men are lying once again for political expediency. Go figure.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates delivered a speech at the National Defense University in DC on 29 SEPT 08 in which he admonished such defeatist rhetoric:
[...] As we think about the security challenges on the horizon, it is important to establish up front that America’s ability to deal with threats for years to come will depend importantly on our performance in the conflicts of today. To be blunt, to fail – or to be seen to fail – in either Iraq or Afghanistan would be a disastrous blow to our credibility, both among our friends and allies and among potential adversaries. [...]
Yep. Gates gets it and Murtha and Czarbie are once again clueless and are shown to be liars but, we already knew that. Gates continues:
[...] In the past I have expressed frustration over the defense bureaucracy’s priorities and lack of urgency when it came to the current conflicts – that for too many in the Pentagon it has been business as usual, as opposed to a wartime footing and a wartime mentality. When referring to “Next-War-itis,” I was not expressing opposition to thinking about and preparing for the future. It would be irresponsible not to do so – and the overwhelming majority of people in the Pentagon, the services, and the defense industry do just that. My point was simply that we must not be so preoccupied with preparing for future conventional and strategic conflicts that we neglect to provide, both short-term and long-term, all the capabilities necessary to fight and win conflicts such as we are in today. [...]
Next-War-itis...bingo. Be sure to read the rest. There is a wealth of information that most of you will never see on the traditional news casts or in the traditional and pathetic media so called.

Tom Donnelly ends his article at the Weekly Standard this way...
[...] The theme of Gates’s NDU speech was a warning about the limits of wonder weapons. While lauding “advances in precision, sensor, information and satellite technology,” he admonished the military to “never neglect the psychological, cultural, political and human dimensions of warfare, which is inevitably tragic, inefficient and uncertain.” He concluded his talk with words from one of the greatest American practitioners of irregular warfare, Gen. “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell, whose experience taught him “no matter how a war starts, it ends in mud. It has to be slugged out--there are no trick solutions or cheap shortcuts.” It is ironic that Gates, the soft-spoken former intelligence officer, better understands the need for boots on the ground than Murtha, the gruff former Marine.

But Murtha led the way when Democrats turned hard against the Iraq war in 2006; without his imprimatur, surely, Speaker Nancy Pelosi might have moderated her anti-war, San Francisco instincts. Apparently the Democratic strategy is now to limit the prospects for future mischief--that is, the prospects for successfully waging the Long War--by withholding the manpower that is needed. They’re doubling down on defeat. [END]
Murtha. The cretin makes me ill. I hope to God Himself that LTC William Russell defeats this Murtha turd in November.

With the current political climate, I cannot fault folks for being shocked about the AP article that said Iraqi security is increasing America's "standing" in the Middle East. You know. That term being thrown about by the Fraud Czarbie. He is trying to lay claim to that even though he has tried like hell to LOSE the war. Now the moron from Chicago wants to claim responsibility for winning it even though he violated the Logan Act to bring about a failure. What a moron he is.

Doug Ross and Jules Crittenden have some verbiage to throw at this as well. First, Here is Doug's:
As a rule, I don't use sources from the Associated Press (for obvious reasons), but their article on Iraq's role in stabilizing American power in the Middle East is noteworthy, "Stable Iraq Could Influence Mideast" (alternative link here): [...]

[...] I'll update when we see the terrorist-enabling Newshoggers cover this story - it's going to be tough to clinch the argument that the Bush administration "paid for" this narrative. [END]
And now, here is Jules:
[...] The news agency that more terrorists prefer you’ll recall was rather late to the surge table, if not nearly as fashionably late as Obama. The Associated Press and the scribbler of this particular analysis, Robert H. Reid, were still neck deep in body counts and failure-mongering when al-Qaeda was out of Anbar and on the run in Diyala in mid-2007. AP’s Baghdad bureauistas were asiduously scribbling everything they could to avoid or obscure the terrible truth of the surge’s growing success. But despite its shortcomings, Reid’s latest analysis does a relatively good job of laying out our vital interests in Iraq. [...]
Now, when a news outlet that has been rife with non-story stories and have been caught upon many occasions actually inventing stories that Gateway Pundit, The Jawa Report and a host of others have caught them at it, cannot hide the FACT of the Troop Surge is working and has in fact worked, then WTF is Czarbie and Biden up to? Don't answer that. The Pissed Off Meter is already approaching pegged status.

Gateway Pundit's take is here. I think I am having illegal thoughts at the moment. Don Surber has similar thoughts here as well but adds that Bush Was Right - so declares the AP(?). The libtards will be melting soon enough. Especially the anti-Americanist and Marxist dip dunks at Newsflubbers. Morons.

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