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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Things Make Me Wonder UPDATED


As the title suggests, some things cause me to pause to consider and others cause me to nearly spew coffee across my screen and keyboard. The soon to be linked post almost caused coffee bean abuse and thus rile my ire. Behold:
John McCain lost the election Sept. 24 and Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. Nothing that is likely to happen between now and Nov. 4 can change this outcome.

Since Sept. 24, polls have increasingly pointed toward a Democratic landslide. Obama not only has an outside-the-margin advantage in nearly every national poll, but leads strongly in enough battleground states that if the election were held today, the Electoral College vote would be 353 for the Democrat, 185 for the Republican. Even Karl Rove's electoral map now shows Obama winning. [...]
It is a good thing this person that wrote this defeatist nonsense isn't in charge of anything worthy. Hell. Even the Little Red Train has more positive outlooks on life and the possibilities thereof. Normally, the folks at American Spectator are upbeat and rational. This piece, however, reminds me of that nut at WND I wrote about yesterday. This is yet another example of a fool being taken in by the retarded pollsters. Polls, folks, are designed to bring about an outcome - influence voters. That way, when all is said and done, they can claim, "See?" Now Rasmussen is usually two weeks behind and this is even stated on their web site. So, the author, Robert Stacy McCain, is one of those Dip Dunks I spoke about earlier.

In one of two pieces at TAT that I will link soon, shine a different light. Take into consideration McCain's track record in regards to elections and campaigns. Many called him dead in the water earlier this year. Others, such as myself, have been anxious for the McCain Camp to at least pretend they were in this race. McCain does things at his time and not ours. We witnessed that fact this past weekend, did we not?

So, here is one of the pieces at TAT:
Even with their stumbles over the past two weeks, John McCain and Sarah Palin still have time to win the election and save our country. To do so, McCain must commit to taking the steps necessary to truthfully frame the issues in a way that will resonate with the voters, and then relentlessly take action against the two obstacles in his way -- the daily messages being spouted by Obama and the mainstream media.

Senator McCain must focus on getting several key points across to the American public. At the same time, he must emphasize the fact that it is the media who is trying to elect Barack Obama -- in essence, asking the public if they are comfortable allowing the liberal media to choose the country's next President. [...]
Whereas I can agree with most of that article, here is the other one at TAT entitled, "What if McCain knows what he's doing?"
Sometimes, if I'm puzzled by someone's actions, I like to ask myself "if he's really smarter than I am, why would he be doing what he's doing?"

You can learn a lot that way. Unfortunately, the American Chattering Classes often operate on the opposite assumption: "if I don't see the point of this, that other guy must be an idiot."

As a case study, let's consider the McCain campaign in the month since my piece on McCain's apparent use of the OODA loop was published here in American Thinker. God knows it's been a rough month: after the rush of the Palin selection, we had a couple of disappointing experiences with major media interviews, and worse -- much worse -- we had the credit market freeze and the fight to get a rescue package working.

Of course, then we had the Vice Presidential debate, which certainly restored a certain amount of respect for Sarah Palin. (It must have: there has been another flood of Palin rumors.) But then we had some more inexplicable actions on the part of McCain's campaign: the announcement that they intended to get tough on Obama... real soon. The announcement that they were pulling out of Michigan ... or were they? The Michigan GOP didn't like it, and Sarah Palin said to send her and her husband. It became clear McCain didn't exactly have complete control of the moose-hunting governor. [...]
Naturally, the rest of the article explains in greater detail what might be going through the head of The Maverick. In a previous article here, I alluded to what McCain needs to do now and in a nutshell, I said that the gloves must come off. Apparently that has happened. I say that because all of the libtards have been whining about a poll - go figure - that has Czarbie a measly 4 points ahead. Now, when a leftist news organization can only place their guy 4 points ahead with the MILLIONS spent - 10 to 1 over McCain - that is indicative of a lost campaign. The poll was produced by CBS and CBS just a few days ago had Czarbie 9 points ahead. Do you see why I nearly wet myself with laughter as I hear folks saying, " THE POLLS ARE COMING! THE POLLS ARE COMING!! THE POLLS ARE COMING!!!"? Screw the polls and use your mind and pay attention.

The coming onslaught of Truth Revealed between now and 11/4/08 is going to frazzle Czarbie that cannot stand up to pressure. This, I believe, has been McCain's strategy from the start. He knows The One. And, he knows how to take Czarbie down. There is nothing that Czarbie can do to take McCain down. He has been down since the beginning. I recognize a flanking maneuver when I see one and Czarbie is about to be overrun.

The problem for Czarbie is, he doesn't know what a flanking maneuver is, let alone recognize one. Neither does his idiot advisers.

With the military 45 points ahead in favor of McCain, why do you think the military votes won't be counted...again? The shipped ballots will be "late" or "lost" again. They always are.


Jules Crittenden nails the American Spectacle article...he calls it The Other Election...and I quote:

It’s over, McCain lost. The Other McCain channeling his own American Spectator article re the election they held today:

John McCain lost the election Sept. 24 and Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. Nothing that is likely to happen between now and Nov. 4 can change this outcome.

I’m sorry, make that the election they held Sept. 24. Could be true, and he might yet, but they didn’t, and it isn’t, so he doesn’t, yet. While the Other McCain’s instincts re celeb cleavage are spot on, if the other other McCain gave up as easy as the Other McCain does, he’d still be able to comb his own hair.

More important news about the election they are holding today here. Memo to pundits. There’s this fat lady. She gets to sing. That happens on Election Day. Which is Nov. 4. That said, there is no call for eff you responses to the Other McCain for pointing out what he thinks is wrong with the picture. That’s a totally leftosphere move. Can’t we all just get along? OK, cleansing celeb cleavage via the Other McCain. Lefty, of course, in the interest of D-partisanship: