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Monday, October 6, 2008

VOX Day At WND: A Wasted Post


It is the shallow-minded fools such as this that would "Rather" have a Barack Hussein Obama as President in the hopes of a "Conservative Revival". I will say this to the poor child; that movement is here and now.
It is remarkable how many "conservative" commentators, who completely failed to see the credit crunch coming or anticipate its consequences, nevertheless did not hesitate to inform Americans that it was absolutely necessary to provide 5 percent of GDP – $700 trillion – to an unelected economics czar who was one of the men primarily responsible for the crisis in the first place. In light of this, there are three things to keep in mind as you contemplate the unveiling of corporate socialism in America: [...]
Obviously, the young lad hasn't been paying attention to the forces at work. Neither has the child been paying attention as to who has been trying to fix the problem for a very long time and who it is that has been blocking every attempt to expose the DNC induced fraud in oversight. It is people like this that make my skin crawl.

In the reader I use to monitor the various news sources, this is what was displayed: "Exclusive: Vox Day proves there is no point in choosing Republican duo on Election Day." Simply amazing. So, then, what shall we do? Vote for the fraud Barr? Vote for the fraud Paul? Vote for the non-Constitutional Constitution Party that Alan Keyes stepped away from because it is NOT a Constitutional anything?
[...] Regardless of whether you vote Libertarian, Constitution Party or do not vote at all, you can be sure that your vote will not be wasted. - because, as events have proven time and time again over the last eight years, the only wasted vote is the vote that is cast for a Republican politician. [END]
Poor thing. Youth is wasted on the young for far too many years. Ignorance is bliss and the ostrich Syndrome is so much better when you have no idea what one is talking about.

In order to bring about the change this inexperienced upstart would have us reign in in this particular point in time, one must begin at the ground level and work your way up. Ron Paul and Bob Barr haven't a chance in any way, shape or form to win in November. What this foolish and immature boy would have us all do is guarantee a Barack-Biden (or Hillary) ticket in the White House. This child is willing to sell the nation out to a damn Marxist Whore so that we can dig out of it for the 30+ years or so after the Marxist left office - if he ever does leave office.

Like I said, these punks piss me off. Whereas I look upon the bail out bill as a sell-out to the American People, something had to be done - that much is obvious. But, when it has been the young ones that have sat on their asses for seemingly forever and let the nation slip into the socialist quagmire it has become, it is rather late in the game 30 days out from an election to try and change the outcome for the likes of idiots like Paul and Barr. As always, the young ones, thinking themselves to be so much wiser than the rest, fall short of seasoned Common Sense.

Sorry VOX Daily. That was the most ignorant post I have ever read from you. Grow up. Your "proof" doesn't pass muster.