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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Is Wrong With The Politico?


Don't these people read? If so, can they not comprehend? This type of driveling nonsense is "Rather" inane. Oh. Wait. it isn't "The Politico". It is a moonbat Democrat from Georgia, one John Lewis. Figures. This fool has PDS bad. Listen to this crap...
What impact will the finding that Sarah Palin "abused her authority" have on the campaign?
I have a question for the idiot Rep from GA and yes, you can quote me on it.
What part of "proper and lawful" do you not understand there, skippy?
In the much awaited for report on the non-issue issue filed away as Troopergate, Sarah Palin was exonerated and the moonbats cannot accept the fact that once again, they have lost a witch hunt. Just listen to them squeal like the banshees they are.

I wrote about Troopergate yesterday and I have finished the pdf report. For all of the falderal, it sure was a waste of time, effort, resources and PUBLIC funds. The investigators - or the instigators - are the ones that need to be investigated. This whole thing was a sham in a vain attempt to distract from the fact that Czarbie and Friends are the real problems for this nation.

The idiot writing in the Politico reminds me of the idiot Riehl World View wrote about:
Oh, Shut Up!

Damn this is getting annoying as Hell. These freaking morons think America is simply supposed to bend over and anoint this empty suit because he's black. Anything and everything one says against their black Jesus must be a racial slur.

Keep pushing this BS right up until election day. I can't think of anything that will result in more people of non-color rejecting the jerk at the polls. If they want to see some hate, why don't they sit down and start playing tapes of Jeremiah Wright amongst themselves. [...]
By the way, it is the same author in both Politico pieces. Maybe folks are right about Politico...unfair, unhinged and unbalanced. That might be out of lione but one thing is for sure; John Lewis is a moonbat.

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