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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Ten Planks: Refresher For the Uneducated


I was over at a very interesting site just a few moments ago and thought to bring up the much hated List of 45. I decided to bring that list up again as I read the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. In my article The List of 45, I bring up the Ten Planks among other things. However, I will keep this post simple. It is self-explanatory, especially due to recent unconstitutional activity within the Dishonorable Halls of CONgress.
Karl Marx's "10 Planks" to seize power and destroy freedom:

01. Abolition of Property in Land and Application of all Rents of Land to Public Purpose.

02. A Heavy Progressive or Graduated Income Tax.

03. Abolition of All Rights of Inheritance.

04. Confiscation of the Property of All Emigrants and Rebels.

05. Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State, by Means of a National Bank with State Capital and an Exclusive Monopoly.

06. Centralization of the Means of Communication and Transport in the Hands of the State.

07. Extension of Factories and Instruments of Production Owned by the State, the Bringing Into Cultivation of Waste Lands, and the Improvement of the Soil Generally in Accordance with a Common Plan.

08. Equal Liability of All to Labor. Establishment of Industrial Armies, Especially for Agriculture.

09. Combination of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industries; Gradual Abolition of the Distinction Between Town and Country by a More Equable Distribution of the Population over the Country.

10. Free Education for All Children in Public Schools. Abolition of Children's Factory Labor in it's Present Form. Combination of Education with Industrial Production.
Which of the Ten Planks have already been assimilated into our society? Do you know? Do you care? Does it matter?