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Thursday, October 9, 2008



Ya just gotta laugh at the pollsters. Actually, I spit on them but, I guess I am rather crass in that regard because I, for one, refuse to worship before their trousers. Those that do, well, they deserve everything that befalls them.

Patrick Ruffini has an interesting take and in his post, he has an interesting statement:
[...] With 15 states, this kind of analysis is plagued by a small-n factor in which one state can throw the calculus off dramatically. [...]
Vote your hearts folks and not what some pollster says trying to make a name for themselves in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Always check to see who is paying for the poll.

Stephen R Maloney has his take as well and ends his post thusly:
[...] Beware the polls (especially CNN), my friends. I love those polls of course, but I don't really believe them on a day-to-day basis. [END]
Bingo. Screw the polls. Steven M. Warshawsky at TAT thinker says;
[...] Ever since I wrote my anti-Obama piece, I have received numerous emails from Republicans and Democrats alike, asking whether I still think Obama will lose the election. Yes, I do. But what about the polls, they ask? The polls show that Obama is winning. No, they don't, as I will explain. [...]
You will have to read the rest of that article as I did. Interestingly enough, the Leftinistra are the ones running these polls. That is a historical fact. Just for the hell of it, I will relate a story here. My wife was polled last Friday. She didn't tell me who it was because she doesn't remember. However, I did hear the conversation and I was laughing so hard that she had to tell me to shut up. She pretty much told them that she was voting Obama. I asked her why she did that and she said that the country was screwed up enough already and she didn't want the pollster to put her down as another racist. I wish I had recorded the 5 minute conversation she had with an idiot pollster. I wonder how many more Americans are tainting the pollsters in this manner?

Chicago Ray has a post up describing Obama's WHOPPING 2-point lead. Then again, we could always rely on the pollsters that have Obama up by 11 or the one that has Obama up by 5.

Once again, from the previously linked American Thinker:
[...] Lastly, the Rasmussen poll shows that Obama is leading McCain among likely voters nationwide by a margin of 51% to 45%, with 4% undecided. The margin of error for this poll is +/- 2 points. A-ha! Obama definitely is winning according to this poll (that is, assuming the undecided voters do not "break" for McCain). But there is something curious about this poll, which relates to the second issue I raised above about polls. This poll "weighted" its responses to reflect a predicted voting population of 39.3% Democrats, 33.3% Republicans, and 27.4% unaffiliated. However, in the last presidential election, just four years ago, the party affiliation of actual voters (according to the CNN exit poll) was 37% Democrat and 37% Republican. Perhaps Democrats are going to "out vote" Republicans by 6 points this year, but I think this is a very dubious assumption. In any event, there is no reason to accept the results of the Rasmussen poll over those of the other two polls (or over the results of many other polls I could have examined). [...]
And there you have it. The pollsters are out-polling each other and neither one has a clue. There is nothing to compare this election to except wishful thinking and supposition. Run away from the pollsters and those that swear by them folks. Don't give them the pleasure to fake you out and give you the impression that they know what they are talking about because they don't.

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