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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Government Meddling In Fanancial Markets = Crash of 2008


Seen the news today? Oh boy! The socialist army has just put 4,000 holes in Capitalism. Now we know how many holes it takes to fill CONgress!

Judas H Priest people. Way back on 9/17/08, we heard that the sky was falling, our atmosphere was vanishing and we were drifting into the sun and we had to act NOW NOW NOW before it was too late. The market went down and down. The initial bill failed and the market rebounded about 60 %. Then, the Senate got a hold of it. The market went down and down. Then the Lower House passed the damn thing and the market went down and down and it hasn't stopped going down since. That's because CONgress keeps trying to meddle thus screwing it up worse than it would have been if they had just let the market fix itself.

We are below 9,000 people with the market losing 38% for the year so far BECAUSE of government meddling. I say hang them all and start over and return to the Constitutional Values our Founding Fathers established. Period. End of discussion.

Let this be an abject lesson for all Americans. When the government gets involved in the whatever it is they get involved in, it always turns to crap in a hurry and then they blame everything and everyone else but their own ignorance and stupidity. Have you had enough yet?