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Monday, October 6, 2008

To The Enemies of The State, Truth Revealed Equals Smear


Absolutely. We live in upside down land. When the Truth is revealed about the upstart and inexperienced fraud and Marxist Obama, the racists in the Nation pull the Race Card and accuse his opposition of being a racist. So be it if they are too cowardly to face their own Demons. For example...
Established in March 2008, Progressives For Obama (PFO) was co-founded by Tom Hayden (a Students for a Democratic Society organizer who collaborated with North Vietnamese Communists during the Vietnam War and organized riots at the 1968 Democratic Party Convention in Chicago); Danny Glover (an actor and leftist ideologue who has ardently supported the regimes of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro); Barbara Ehrenreich (Honorary Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA); and Bill Fletcher, Jr. (a former Maoist and current DSA leader who serves as executive editor of Black Commentator, and who co-founded the Black Radical Congress, which has close ties to the Communist Party USA).

PFO's initial mission was to help Senator Barack Obama defeat his chief Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, in the quest to win the party's presidential nomination. Said PFO at its inception:
"Clinton's most bizarre claim is that Obama is unqualified to be commander-in-chief. Clinton herself never served in the military, and has no experience in the armed services apart from the Senate armed services committee. Her husband had no military experience before becoming President. In fact, he was a draft opponent during Vietnam, a stance we respected. She was the first lady, and he the governor, of one of our smallest states. They brought no more experience, and arguably less, to the White House than Obama would in 2009."
After Mrs. Clinton conceded defeat to Obama in the summer of 2008, PFO turned its attention to beating Republican presidential candidate John McCain. [...]
Please go read the rest and get ready to take notes. I have been writing of this and speaking of this for decades, people. The above people have formed an alliance to support Obama and they also promote socialism/Marxism by any means required to become the Law of The Land in the United States.

In other news and knowing that Obama is really the American Gorbachev, I find it amazingly ironic how the alleged "more intelligent people" in this nation and the world just blew off the Sunni Cleric Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' when he he says that an American Gorbachev will destroy America - from within. Do you remember that? Do you also remember which USSR leader stated the same thing as he hammered dais with his shoe? And people wonder why I claim that there is no difference between the current crop of DNC leaders, terrorists and Marxist/Communists? Remember what Lenin and other communist leaders have said; when you control the economy, you control the people. Here is a video of Czarbie saying exactly that but in other words.

Another indicator is the communist site called CPUSA is all in the tank for Czarbie. His associations with the terrorists, home grown or not, is really nothing in comparison. In yet another indicator of the Clear and Present Danger can be found at Smoldering Cur Wadi: they are asking people to take the "Be A Bold Progressive" pledge...
What does taking the pledge mean? It means that when Democratic "leaders" tell Americans we must settle for watered-down solutions while bold back-benchers in the House or Senate are pushing strong progressive alternatives, we will clamor for those bold alternatives together until they are passed into law.
Just in case you are not aware, a "progressive" is the new term for liberal which actually means either a socialist, communist or Marxist...take your pick. They are one in the same.