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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's The End Of The World As We Know It


According to the "experts", the ones that actually got us into this financial mess to start with have warned today;
The world is on the brink of financial meltdown, the head of the International Monetary Fund said Saturday. His bleak warning came as finance ministers tried to calm the frenzy in markets that saw share prices crash by more than 20 percent last week. [...]
That is what happens when governments get involved in economics and try and manipulate it into an outcome they wish to have when the markets take care of themselves when left alone. Since Paulson said that the world was ending on 9/17/08 if "we didn't take decisive action", the government has taken decisive action and the situation got worse. Thank you very much Democrat Party. Well done. The very oversight that you have recently whined about that YOU have been in charge of has failed the American People and the People of the World. Congratulations.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many are saying, such as I have BEEN saying for quite some time, that if you want a worsened economy, go ahead and either elect or allow to be elected the most liberal Senator in history as Obama is and coupled with that, a flaming Marxist. I know. Right Wing Nuthouse says Obama is not a socialist or a Marxist but even the smartest of us have a brain spasm once in a while. The evidence is overwhelming.

I read this today at Sister Toldjah's place:
[...] Today I read from three different people who either support an Obama presidency, or at the very least are not opposed to one, express concern that, well, having a Democrat president stand alongside a Democrat Congress in these uncertain economic times is … troubling. Ilya Somin, Ross Douthat, and Mike Rappaport have all written in the last couple of days that an Obama victory next month could have long term economic consequences that would be harmful to the American economy, consequences that would be hard to turn back under a future Republican administration and/or Congress. [...]
Naturally, George Soros wants the economy to tank. He is the driving force behind this and denying that reveals several things; liars, brain dead idiots, moonbats, anti-Americanists, socialists, Marxists and a few other things. Check out the WaPo piece here for certain idiocy.

And, here is something else people can deny. The markets are crashing out of fear of an Obama presidency. Denying this will not change the fact that this Nation will end up as a Third World Nation by the time Czarbie gets through with it. Name me one thing positive that has happened since Czarbie has started talking about the economy. Every time he opens his Marxist yapper, the economy slides a little more each day. Also recall that Soros is yanking his strings.

Some will say that there is no "nefarious" boogey men but my research into Soros begs to differ. Just to be sure, please do your own fact-finding and ask yourself what the European Crash was all about and which INDIVIDUAL brought it about. Come back when you have the answers. What are his end goals? What are his ideals? And, how does he propose to accomplish his dreams of a One World Socialist Utopia?

It is clear that for decades, the Democrat Party has been manipulating the economy and now there is talk of economic terrorism. This remains to be seen but it is a viable avenue of investigation. Especially seeing that it has been the Democrat Party leadership that has refused to come clean in regards to their utter failure. In other words, the DNC members are the failures they claim others to be. There is just no getting away from that honestly. Mike's America states the following and the letter he refers to is to the left:
[...] "If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole." --John McCain, May 26, 2005

John McCain made that statement in support of a bill by Senate Republicans which would have reformed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before it was too late.

But it wasn't his only effort to get attention on this key issue when action could have averted a crisis. The following letter McCain signed along with nineteen other GOP Senators (neither Barack Obama nor ANY Democrat Senator signed) was issued a few weeks before McCain's Senate speech. [...]
Naturally, the Pelosi Clan and the Reid Clan will not acknowledge their complicity in this economic downturn...it isn't politically expedient. I wonder if they will be targets of the Special Investigation if it ever comes. Griffin is urging McCain to call for a Special Investigation...
[...] It would send a signal to Americans who are scared, angry and hurt as a result of the stock market meltdown.

He should also remind the American people that any funds recovered as a result of a criminal probe would be returned to the U.S. Treasury, including any recovered from CEOs who are found to have committed crimes.

And ask Sen. Obama to join him in this proposal. He won't.

The Special Prosecutor would report to the Deputy Attorney General as has been the case with other Special Prosecutors. The Independent Counsel statute is no more, so I am not suggesting a big spending, never ending IC.

A Special Prosecutor. For action. For accountability. For confidence. [END]
Accountability? For a Democrat? Step away from the bong.

While some are fearing a Socialist Tsunami, I have more confidence in the American People than that. Hopefully, others do as well. It seems as though someone is rethinking the recent unconstitutional bail out bill because in the New York Slimes, it is said that the White House is overhauling the "rescue bill". I don't care what it is called...it is unconstitutional and it needs to be struck down and burned. Also, since when does a building overhaul anything. The White House is a structure for crying out loud.

Remember all of this come election day. Which political party got us into this mess and which political party refused to fix it when the other political party tried to stem the tide and stop the bleeding.