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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack's Phony Tax Plan Matches His Phony Self


Spree from WUAs brings us John McCain's radio address where he explains what a phony the Marxist-Socialist is.
[...] Barack Obama is a socialist and it is about time that Palin and Mccain pound that point home directly to the American people.

Palin did earlier and now McCain has during the radio address.

They need to continue to focus on that issue hard and continue showing the video of Obama himself saying "spread the wealth around."

Everyone needs to see it. [END]
Here is a gem from Wizbang: Papers, Please!
[...] The election of Barack Obama would dance dangerously close in itself to a violation of the Constitution. The First Amendment includes direction that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." But then, it depends on what the definition of is is. Because the official establishment of the First United Church of The O would be exacted through Executive Order as an expression of the Will of the People, not Congress. That zany "living, breathing document."

Both new and old meanings to the rekindled command, "Papers, Please!" [...]
Remember when both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said that the will of the Congress would be done? Remember that? Czarbie Baby would be sure this would happen. It would be implemented by the establishment of the Fairness Doctrine which is designed to squelch Free Speech.

Sarah Palin and John McCain have at least started pounding away at Czarbie's anti-Americanist ways and means which are 180 degrees out of phase with the United States Constitution. There is no way that Czarbie's rhetoric an be reconciled with the US Constitution. None. Ever. One of them has to go. They cannot coexist peacefully. There are more and more violent confrontations at the rallies and on the campaign trail all of which initiated by the followers of Farrakhan's Messiah.