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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why John McCain Can Still Win?


If one reads the various blog posts, articles and the All Not Knowing Pollsters, the designed conclusion is that All Is Lost. Sounds a lot like Harry Reid, doesn't it? For me, the reason John McCain can still win is Sarah Palin. However, that is not the only reason. There are many reasons. Also, I refuse to join the rank and file of those that are talking like Harry Reid. I mean, come on people. Do you really want to be classified in the same context of Harry Reid?

From Wizbang:
[...] I wrote Friday about the fact that in seven of the last eighteen presidential elections - 38.9% - the polls were wrong by a big margin on the race, and so even a big lead for one candidate does not guarantee diddly. I have discussed the principles of statistics to show why the present polls have a critical flaw somewhere in their methodology, since the results are not in line with the confidence criteria. But there's another way to take apart a poll to see whether it is useful as a barometer for opinion.

The widest lead enjoyed by Obama in the major polls Friday, was the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. Gallup has been in the business longer than anyone else still doing polls, so it appears reasonable to consider Gallup's reports to have solid credibility. The problem, of course, begins with the fact that so many other polls show the race being closer. But let's look at that Gallup poll to see if we can learn from it. [...]
The conclusion after reading the entire post? Faulty polling parameters and data withheld from the public as to how they concluded what they have. Even the questions are not published by and large. Because a pollster speaks we are to "fall in line"? Not hardly. Wizbang ends thusly:
[...] We are in the final weeks of a long, long battle. We are tired, bitter at the cost and some of our losses, but we can come out with a clear victory. It will be rough, these last 24 days, with all the dirty tricks from ACORN and the ACLU, all the lies in the media and hard-left interviews. But for all his advantages and biased allies, Obama has failed to close the deal. That door is open, and we can get there if we stick it out. [END]
Correct. Another reason McCain can still win is that the elections aren't until 11/4/08 and not yesterday, today or tomorrow. The argument that "if the election were held today" always makes me laugh. The actual "today" will eventually be yesterday's tomorrow sometime in the future...or so I have been told.

In recent developments like ACORN, Rezko, Patrick Fitzgerald and RICO Law violations cropping up this weekend, the bottom could drop out at any minute from Barack's aspirations. Over at his website, one used to be able to read the comments from future former Barack supporters. They are beginning to wonder why The One hasn't renounced ACORN and why he hasn't come out and say that he hasn't had any dealing with ACORN and their very much unAmerican activities. What is he hiding, they ask. Good question and we have been after the answers. Naturally, we have found those answers but we are classified as racists for bringing up the issues.

Yesterday at the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson writes a post entitled, "This Could Be A Game Changer". I ran across that article after I had posted this video at my video blog. The game changer could be the issue of Barack's AWOL COLB. Where is his birth certificate? If it isn't a big deal, why all the mystery? Produce it and be done with it. This video is 11 minutes of pure fact and Barack is running away from it causing more and more followers to become former followers. Many people from both sides of the aisle have questioned this issue and some have defended it. That collection of hundreds of posts can be found here...have fun. Posts on Barack's AWOL COLB on this blog can be read here.
[...] A lifelong Democrat who has held political office and been a committeeman, Philip Berg, has brought suit over the real questions raised by the absence of a valid Obama birth certificate. His narrative of the various questions Obama has refused to answer is devastating. Graphics and sound are well-deployed to avoid tedium as factual data is conveyed in a way that allows viewers to absorb it. When he contrasts Obama's behavior when challenged (use perfectly valid legal technicalities to delay) with John McCain's full disclosure of all documentary evidence under a similar challenge (remember the flap over his birth in the Panama Canal Zone? -- who raised those questions, anyway?), there is no doubt in a viewer's mind that there is something seriously wrong here.

We are talking about the Presidency and this guy stonewalls?

The only way Obama can satisfactorily respond is to release his supposed Hawaiian birth certificate. If he has it, why hasn't he released it? If he does release it, game over. So why drag this out on technical grounds? It doesn't make sense.

If this video gets widely viewed and discussed, Obama's support will crumble in the face of continued stonewalling. [...]
I have a new name for Barack...Barack Stonewalling Hussein Insane Nobama. Just for the hell of it, take a stroll over to TAB and read their take on polling. Think for yourselves folks and don't fall for the hype.

At Canada Free Press:
In a recent book we wrote: “He who looks down shall see a very narrow horizon. But he who looks up shall feast on all of heaven.” It is high time we, who believe in freedom, start looking up and drawing on the courage and determination that resides in the hearts of all men, who claim liberty as their birthright.

Americans are a strange lot. They have the uncanny ability to pay absolutely no attention to an approaching storm, and then, when it is upon them, swing into instant action to meet the challenge, albeit sometimes considerably late. Well the bell is tolling for thee and it is way past time to swing into action.

When the world seems like it is going to end, or that we will be driven into abject poverty, many just give up and let fate determine what happens to them, not unlike a deer, frozen in the oncoming headlights. But in contrast, many men (and women) of courage rise to the occasion and move quickly to meet an enemy, or solve a problem, or reach out to help their fellow man. Now is certainly such a time. [...]
Jennifer Rubin spells out that which John McCain needs to do from here on out. It is a worthy read and evidently, the McCain Camp has begun the tasks at hand. There are six points of well known facts that the public needs to be made asware ot because certainly, the dinosaur press sure isn't publishing the information.
[...] Aside from all of the arguments, likely well known to every McCain senior advisor and staffer, the great challenge for McCain is to say these things forcefully and in the only setting where everyone will make one final gut check: the last presidential debate. Whatever the question is in that final meeting his answer should be one of the six arguments above. Every moment spent on bear DNA or rules of hot pursuit for Pakistan is time wasted. There is nothing unseemly or inappropriate about any of these lines of argument, yet McCain often seems unwilling or unable to make them in a sustained way. He needs to get over it.

Is this all too late? Of course not. Voters get the final say in every election and McCain has powerful lines of attack and compelling reasons for his own candidacy. Now is the time to make his case. [END]
Briefly, the six points are as follows as taken from the PJM article:
[...] First, he needs to articulate in clear and simple terms why his economic plan — and he does have one — holds out the hope for financial recovery while Barack Obama’s does not. [...] Second, Barack Obama’s associations with a hodgepodge of left-leaning and corrupt cronies from Chicago — Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Larry Walsh, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi, Reverend Wright, and Father Pfleger, to name a few — are important. Why? Because they show he either suffers from an appalling lack of judgment or a broken moral compass. [...] Third, we can’t afford to have a Democratic Congress and Barack Obama at the same time. There will be no stopping them from enacting the most extreme elements of the special-interest group agenda of the Democratic Party. [...] Fourth, none of the world’s bullies and dictators — Putin, Castro, and Ahmadinejad, to name a few — will respect, let alone fear, Obama. Instead, they will suspect they can bully, bluster, and go on the offensive without much concern that Obama will use whatever means necessary, including force, to restrain their ambitions. [...] Fifth, McCain is the only candidate who will pursue seriously domestic oil and gas development. Obama continues to deride the idea and when the pressure of an election is removed he in all likelihood will promptly capitulate to the extreme environmental and no-growth wing of the Democratic Party. [...] Sixth, McCain is the only alternative to excessive, blinding partisanship which grips Washington. Obama learned in Chicago to put party above country and self above all else. When he went to Washington he continued his robotic devotion to Democratic orthodoxy — voting the straight party line, looking the other way as his colleagues ran interference for failing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and never championing a single piece of legislation that bothered a single Democratic constituency. [...]
I think I need to hear some AMEN reports here. Another way McCain can still win is by continuing on the offensive as Chicago Ray mentions:
I was cool to McCain's background as a reformer and half liberal until this mortgage crisis hit town and now I believe that McCain will have to keep his enforcement first pledge on illegals after this and will hopefully hand some congressman and senators out to dry if he is indeed elected after deciding this is the way he will win, by making and keeping that promise.

I was quite surprised when McCain lit into Bendover Barney and Chris Dodd naming them as co conspirators in the crisis in his Wisconsin rally Wednesday, the one that scared the living crap out of the Bro bama people, as they had no idea these such critters even existed up there or anywhere across the country since the media is ignoring the huge crowds they are drawing now thinking that state and many others are supposedly blue all the way. [...]
SHAZAAM! McCain has started at least naming names. Let the opposition whine and cry foul. Screw them. They have been screwing this nation and the world for decades. Atlas Shrugs received an email from A Democrat explaining why they will not be voting Democrat. In a nutshell, the communication said that the Democrats just don't get it and they are out of touch.

Roger Kimball makes a great point and a challenge to the what I call the pollster trouser worshippers: (what does he know that the alleged intellectuals don't?)
The question I have most often been asked the past few weeks is whether I stand by my prediction that John McCain would win in November. Way back in ancient times, that is, toward the end of August, 2008, I said that “Personally, I think John McCain is going to win, and I’m not talking about a hanging-chad squeakeroo. No, I think it will be a blow-out for McCain.” Interlocutors both anxious and gleeful have lined up to ask: Do I continue, after all we’ve been through these past weeks–the economy, the Palin-Katie Couric train wreck, the lackluster second debate, the economy, the economy, the economy–do I still believe that McCain has any chance of winning, let alone winning by a landslide?

I admit that my confidence has been dented. But it has by no means evaporated. “What? Have you looked at the polls?” Frankly, I feel about polls the way Disraeli (I think it was) felt about statistics: there are, he said, lies, damned lies, and statistics. Like everyone else, I am more inclined to believe them when they support an outcome I favor. Otherwise, I accord them the large measure of scepticism they deserve. Bottom line: I still believe John McCain will win, and I’ll say why in a moment. [...]
That was the teaser. You'll have to go read the rest on your own if you have the stomach for it. Victor Davis Hanson has stated that it all ain't over yet.
[...] The result is that with not much more than three weeks left in the campaign, a number of conservatives have all but accepted (if a few not eager for) an Obama victory. Others are angry at the McCain campaign’s supposed reluctance to go after Obama’s hyper-liberal, hyper-partisan Senate record, his dubious Chicago coterie, his serial flip-flops, and his inexperience. And how, most wonder, can McCain regain the lead lost three weeks ago, when the media has given up any pretense of disinterested coverage, time is growing ever more short, prominent conservatives such as George Will, Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, and Kathleen Parker have suggested Sarah Palin would be unfit to assume the presidency, and former Romney supporters are raising again their unease with the once again too moderate-sounding McCain?

Yet for all the gloom, there are several reasons why this race is by no means over. [...]
I keep telling folks that but they don't have the stomach to fight on. Screw 'em. Just like Richard Baehr at the American Thinker says:
[...] As I said at the outset, it is uphill for John McCain, but he has had bigger and tougher fights before. Both McCain and Palin have been underdogs and triumphed. If McCain can rattle Obama with his reminders about Bill Ayers, Americans may see a nastier Barack Obama than they have seen so far. Then things may get interesting again. [END]
Flip seems to think that McCain has something up his sleeve and that was back on the 8th of October.

However, with all of the above stated, cited and linked, the real reason Barack Hussein Obama will lose in November can be seen in this video here. Enjoy.

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