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Friday, October 17, 2008

Iglesias Says FBI Investigation Is A Scare Tactic


Simply amazing people. Where have we heard this garbage before? From TPM:
David Iglesias says he's shocked by the news, leaked today to the Associated Press, that the FBI is pursuing a voter-fraud investigation into ACORN just weeks before the election.

"I'm astounded that this issue is being trotted out again," Iglesias told TPMmuckraker. "Based on what I saw in 2004 and 2006, it's a scare tactic." In 2006, Iglesias was fired as U.S. attorney thanks partly to his reluctance to pursue voter-fraud cases as aggressively as DOJ wanted -- one of several U.S. attorneys fired for inappropriate political reasons, according to a recently released report by DOJ's Office of the Inspector General.

Iglesias, who has been the most outspoken of the fired U.S. attorneys, went on to say that the FBI's investigation seemed designed to inappropriately create a "boogeyman" out of voter fraud. [...]
Doesn't this just figure? I wrote about this scare tactic nonsense some time ago. Making a long post short, to a Democrat Party Leader or a Democrat political hack, truth revealed and exposed in some manner becomes a scare tactic. However, when "they" say such things as Bush is Hitler and he wants to install a Nazi Dictatorship in the USA and having absolutely no proof whatsoever and nothing to support such idiocy, that isn't considered a scare tactic. "They" call it truth. However, when the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious in regards to ACORN's involvement in voter fraud and an investigation begins, somehow that is a scare tactic.

There are many more examples of this sort of tomfoolery from the Leftinistra and that is how they have gotten this country where it is today...on the precipice of socialistic tyranny and dictatorship. And the evidence for that is more than overwhelmingly obvious.

Note to Iglesias...shut up and sit down.

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