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Monday, October 13, 2008

In The Real World - Taxes and Socialism Are Killers


A while back Donald Douglas wrote an article about Barack's crisis of confidence. The article reminded me of many training exercises and mission actuals. Over confidence breeds error in judgment. I suppose that is why I have kept it in my Daily Reads in my reader warehouse. After this post however, it will no longer reside there. Sometimes, there are as much as 400 articles in there that I may of may not ever get there. Most of the time I read everyone.

The article I have linked to was posted on 07 OCT '08, almost a week ago as of this writing. It is more appropriate now than it was then making Donald Douglas a prophet. I say prophet due to what The One Messiah (so named by Louis Farrakhan) uttered today on the campaign trail. He actually stated that he would redistribute the wealth and everyone will be better off for it. That right there is a statement of defeat. And, if taken advantage of, McCain can make the socialist agenda of the Marxist stick. That and telling people that he is going to raise taxes, in the real world, is a deal breaker. Ask Mondale. Then again, we live in upside down land.

The Doug Ross piece was a post he penned and published after the debate last week. He focused on the question in regards to sacrifice:
[...] After a few initial questions on the economy and the federal role in helping Americans through the hard times, moderator Tom Brokaw posed an Internet question on national sacrifice:
Since World War II, we have never been asked to sacrifice anything to help our country, except the blood of our heroic men and women. As president, what sacrifices - sacrifices will you ask every American to make to help restore the American dream and to get out of the economic morass that we're now in?
Senator Obama's response offered a revealing window to his essential dismissal of traditional American optimism and the nation's history of up-by-the bootstraps perseverance:
You know, a lot of you remember the tragedy of 9/11 and where you were on that day and, you know, how all of the country was ready to come together and make enormous changes to make us not only safer, but to make us a better country and a more unified country.

And President Bush did some smart things at the outset, but one of the opportunities that was missed was, when he spoke to the American people, he said, "Go out and shop."

That wasn't the kind of call to service that I think the American people were looking for.

And so it's important to understand that the - I think the American people are hungry for the kind of leadership that is going to tackle these problems not just in government, but outside of government.

And let's take the example of energy, which we already spoke about. There is going to be the need for each and every one of us to start thinking about how we use energy.
Take note of this ...

Obama says each and every one of us must "start thinking about how we use energy." [...]
I watched the debate three times and each time I was wondering why Barack never answered the question with anything substantive or even viable. That reveals a lack of confidence shrouded in the air of over confidence as far as I am concerned. What is totally interesting about his answer is his omission as to what he himself said eight days after the 91101 attacks on American soil. He didn't talk of sacrifice at all. In part, the verbiage below is what he said:
[...] “Obama’s comments about legitimate causes’ of terror groups and ‘root problems of causes and dangers’ seems to echo little-noticed remarks the presidential candidate made eight days after 9/11 in which he said the attacks were carried out because of a lack of “empathy” for others’ suffering on the part of al-Qaeda, whose terrorist ideology ‘grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.’

“Obama went on to imply the Sept. 11 attacks were, in part, a result of U.S. policy, lecturing the American military to minimize civilian casualties in the Middle East and urging action opposing ‘bigotry or discrimination directed against neighbors and friends of Middle-Eastern descent.’

“Even as I hope for some measure of peace and comfort to the bereaved families, I must also hope that we, as a nation, draw some measure of wisdom from this tragedy,” Obama wrote in a piece about 9/11 published Sept. 19, 2001, in Chicago’s Hyde Park Herald.” [...]
The above can be found at Canada Free Press. There is much more in the article but, suffice it to say, the answer he gave the American People at the last debate was yet another example of a typical Democrat Party Leader answering a question with pretty rhetoric. He knows nothing of sacrifice as is revealed by McCain's answer:
[...] During tonight's debate, John McCain - in great contrast to Obama - spoke with assurance on the "sacrifice question," noting:
Look, we can attack health care and energy at the same time. We're not - we're not - we're not rifle shots here. We are Americans. We can, with the participation of all Americans, work together and solve these problems together.
In other words, there's nothing we can't do if we set our minds to it. Americans have risen to the challenge, time and again; and when facing rough times, we keep our chins up and barrel through the hard patches. [...]
Barack, as a good socialist would say, told the American People that we suck as a nation and as a People whereas McCain said that our future is ahead, better days are ahead and we are Americans, dammit, and we can overcome. We always have.

Barack's confidence is artificial at best. He is entirely out of his league and his handlers know it. His statements of raising taxes and taking money from one American and giving it to another is a deal killer. Mark my words. This video here explains it all. Feel free to distribute the video to everyone you know.

Barack's judgment is flawed in many ways and the only ones that should be voting for him are friends and family members just because they know him. Anyone of any moral stature will dismiss him out of hand. He has no moral compass. If he does, the magnets are out of alignment or the oil is low and the gimbal bearings are shot. On top of that, if he wasn't trying out for the Presidency and had he applied for a position requiring a top secret clearance, he would not pass muster in the background checks. Especially since he has multiple Logan Act violations and quite possible multiple Smith Act violations. He didn't even write his own memoir.

He is a Marxist color-coded in socialism to make him taste better - because socialism is much better than communism - that wants to raise taxes on everybody and take from those that have worked hard and give it to those that aren't worth a grain of salt. Socialism is a step or two closer to communism and that is what Barack's handlers want.

Some would say that the country would be better off with Barack as President for 4 years or even eight to revive the Nation. That kind of stinkin' thinkin' is absurd. That is like taking your mind off of your infected hang nail on your big toes by poking your eye out with a crow bar. That is neither intelligent nor is it a viable option.