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Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Lacks the Character and Temperament To Be President and Biden Is Simply A Token Hack


This piece is in rebuttal to the completely off the wall and over the top piece penned by Chistopher Hitchens at Slate. Buzz on this is at Memeorandum...

John McCain has more character in the dirt between his toes after walking through a rice paddy than Obama will ever dream of having. As a matter of fact, Obama has no character whatsoever. Christopher Hitchens will never be able to hold a candle to Barack Obama and Barack Obama is a mental midget in comparison to John McCain. Period.

He suffers from PDS - Palin Derangement Syndrome - and McCDS - McCain Derangement Syndrome. It is indeed pathetic to say the least. Sorry to burst his bubble but the stench coming from it needs to be eliminated.

I so love how people like Chrissy ramble on like good libtards do. They spew vitriolic hatred without any substantiation to their lame claims. Behold:
[...] And the only public events that have so far featured his absurd choice of running mate have shown her to be a deceiving and unscrupulous woman utterly unversed in any of the needful political discourses but easily trained to utter preposterous lies and to appeal to the basest element of her audience. [...]
Ummmm...what "lies" might that be, silly boy? What "needful political discourses" would that be, lad? At the VP debate, Sarah Palin mopped the floor with Biden. The photo to the left was Biden's view point right after the debate ended.

Character? You say Obama has more character than McCain? Are you daft? Obama has been proven to be a liar and his dismal record in the duty of public office in the Illinois Senate and the US Senate is laughable. What has he accomplished in life to elevate his character above that of a gnat's anal aperture?

The rest of that waste of verbiage Chrissy penned is equally inane as that which I cited. Chrissy has always been a glorified moonbat and anything he has to say about anything has always been suspect.

Obama has more character than McCain? PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! Idiot.

I wonder if this Chrissy upstart is going to move off of the Earth like what's her face of SNL when McCain-Palin take the White House. If so, I will help them relocate.