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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Uber Moonbat Libtard Piece On McCain


Here we have an idiot libtard at the Rolling Stoner pretending it knows something. Nothing could be further from the truth. Idiots like this are a pathetic lot and they throw in with anti-Americanists like the IVAW, MoveOver WeSuck, Code Skank, The World Can't Wait For Smelly Hippies and other such retarded and brain dead idiot groups.

Obviously, Timmy Dick(less)son didn't have a mommy or daddy worth a damn and more than likely raised him in the arts of bongs, reefer and other such mind-numbing substances. They certainly never told the poor sot what a Patriot is nor did they ever teach him the finer things in life such as Patriotism.

I don't know how young or old this worm is but he certainly would never make the grade in the service of this nation...and most assuredly any unit I served with. These are the cretins we face in this day and age and those that agree with them in any part, I consider an enemy of mine and want no part of them no matter who they might be. Hit pieces like this disgust this DAVFW. Writers such as this get my blood boiling and my imagination runs wild thinking about what an encounter with this moron would be like.

Pencak Mande Muda Silat comes to mind. Pretzel City.

The Rolling Stone...the journal for anti-Americanists. The moron is more than likely voting for the Marxist ass Czarbie.