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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Is An Eeyore-Free Zone


This site cracks me up. It is a VERY long post but needs to be read by every Eeyore out there that wet their pants upon every reading of a poll. By the way, CBS has Czarbie up by 14 and the KOSmonoffs have soiled themselves. They think they have something and they do. It is called the rabid case of the dumbass. Read Zell Miller if you need a refresher and a memory jogger as to the CAP on the DNC. Simply amazing how the dunder heads act these days.

If I had acted like some of these civilians around this country are acting out in the Field, I would never have made it back. Incredible. Anyway, here it is:
We’re making this a permanent post on this blog, and keeping it here through the election because as much as we like to repeat ourselves to repeat ourselves to repeat ourselves, we don’t have the energy to deal with Eeyores while we’re working hard for McCain/Palin. Eeyores are all of you who listen to the media, without thinking, and run around saying “We’re doomed! Nothing can stop Obama! His youth army and voter fraud are too much to beat!” - and then you come here, or to other blogs, and leave comments like, “I’m worried about…”, or “I’m afraid…”, or “MSNBC said…”. Listen, this is a little tough love for all of you — start thinking critically, and stop spreading your rain clouds to others. The media’s been in the tank for Obama since 2004 — this is their dream candidate, and they groomed him into a Messiah. If you think the media’s ever going to tell any truth that’s inconvenient for their chosen One, then you’re just stupid.

Look at the party ID samples in every poll that “worries” you and see what the party ID breakdown is: the national breakdown should be 39% Dem, 35% Republican, and 26% Independent. The polls that “worry” Eeyores have Democrats at 45% or above in terms of party ID breakdown — with Republicans as low as 20%. In the last 20 years, Democrats have only had a 4% party ID advantage over Republicans. Why on Earth would that historic fact change in 2008 — and swing to a 25% or more Democrat advantage? That’s ridiculous. And everything Eeyores run around with, crazed over, is equally ridiculous if they’d just take the time to critically think through it.

Yes - the media is promoting Obama, to the point where media figures like Chris Matthews actually campaign for Obama in states like Pennsylvania (which he did, in person, the weekend of October 12-13). No - there is nothing any of us can do about this, except to contact Jeff Zucker at NBC or the sponsors advertised on MSNBC and tell them what we think of their sustained pro-Obama agenda. You just have to stop listening to the media — if you are someone who gets upset when watching MSNBC or CNN, then stop watching those channels. Read www.HillaryClintonForum.net on a regular basis: there are 5,500 users there who log on constantly, 24/7, to post the most important news and breakdown the bias and lies. News aggregate sites like this slice through all the O-baloney, and filter out the propaganda. If you continue to insist on upsetting yourself by watching Kool-Aid networks like MSNBC, don’t spread that gloom and doom to others. And don’t come here to vent your negativity - because we have no sympathy for you. [...]
There are 17 more paragraphs. Go for it and STFU and STFD and let the fighters take care of business while you stew in your polls.