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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Listen To The Libtards Squeal!


Joe The Plumber

People, the issue here is not the person Joe. The issue is what Obama SAID TO Joe The Plumber. Obama said openly and quite naturally that he is indeed a socialist. And THAT is the issue. Squirm and squeal all you want to. It won't change the FACT that Obama's off-the-cuff idiocy has done him damage. Get over it and ready yourselves for a McCain-Palin Administration. (photo found at mm.com)

If Joe was a GOP plant, so what? If Joe isn't making $250K, so what? If you listen to the actual conversation, Joe said he is getting ready to buy the company he works for. If he is related to a Keating 5 member, what of it? The fact remains that the Leftinistra would-be First Czar of the USSA outed himself as the socialist that he is after his detractors have claimed that he is not.

Too bad and so sad.

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