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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moonbats Galore - The Stench Is Overwhelming


I was saving this piece for a rainy day and seeing that it has started here in Texas, I suppose it is time. It will help wash away the filth I contracted as I read yet one more in a long list of totally wrong, stupid, retarded and ignorant hit pieces. Naturally, it is a Caliphate News Network piece entitled, "Source of Iraq WMD intelligence tells his story". Absolutely incredible.

In the article the author, Frederik Pleitgen, whined that their interviewee was not wholly forthcoming. Why should he? Would you trust a moron reporter from CNN? They are out hunting witches and ghosts.

In the usual and SOP for moonbat dweeb reporters, the article pretty much discounts the end of the travesty called journalism:
[...] But Alwan made clear in our meeting that he does not feel remorse. He said he wants to return to Iraq to work for his people and his country. And, he said, he feels the Iraq war was justified.

"I feel that America offered to Iraq what no other country can offer to Iraq," he said near the end of the interview. "America sacrificed its people and its money and its position to free a dictatorial country." [END]
There have been more than enough chronicling of WMD found in Iraq which these idiots ignore because they are dumber than a box of turtle turds. A much ignored video tour shows just one example. I have a mere spattering here and here. Read more about it here. Not enough? Go here. Or, you can go here. The New York Slimes has more.

I guess CNN isn't allowed to read the NYT. The poor Freddie could read the Daily Mail but that would require something he doesn't have...integrity. The folks at the American Thinker have a full report here. Maybe I should get a job at CNN. Or, just follow your nose here.