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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adding Insult To Injury


Now that the horses have escaped from the barns across America, it is time to finally getting around to close those barn doors. We cannot tolerate having the horses come back you know.

The Australian Reserve Bank regulators are beginning to take a look to see if they have idiots in their system just like we Americans do. Nothing like a little manufactured crisis to spark some interest around the world - no pun intended. I wonder if they will find the equivalent to Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and Robert Rubin lurking in some dark closet someplace like we Americans have. One never knows which smiling face is going to shove the shiv between the 4th and 5th rib, give it a side-to-side with a quarter turn twist just to be sure.
The Clinton administration helped create the financial crisis we are experiencing today. The Clinton administration with the usual Democrat players botched the economy beginning in the early 1990’s.
Yep. Sounds like stuck on stupid alright. Speaking of being stuck on stupid, does anyone really know why Reid "suddenly" reversed his admonition to Sen McCain yesterday? Well, it turns out that only a few days before, the ReidCo Clan were whining that if McCain wasn't on board, everything would be lost. Don't believe it? Watch the video here. Sounds to me that ReidCo and Clan, excluding that clueless guy Barack (Reid's words and not mine), are playing political football once again. It is no wonder than that when McCain displays leadership in a crisis, fabricated or not, Czarbie doesn't recognize it at all.

Speaking of leadership, there isn't a fiscally conservative person on the planet that would, under normal circumstances, support this bail out. And no, I will not call it a rescue. I am not interested in rescuing idiots.

While we are speaking about various interesting concepts, what is the deal with ANOTHER back door "rescue" in regards to the auto industry? If they cannot make vehicles, let them retool and make Czarbie Dolls. How hard can that be? Get a couple old used up panties from Code Skank, fill them with hay and tie some knots. Use a marker pen to make some eyes and what-not and, voila!

Remember folks, the Leftinistra Press and the idiots which comprise the ReidCo and PelosiCo sycophants are working diligently to cover the tracks of Dodd and Frank. Be ever vigilant and watch six, maintain five.