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Thursday, September 25, 2008

History and Facts: Alien To the Leftinistra


Some time ago, Q&O published a piece describing the inner workings of people living in Peter Pan zone. The dwellers of fantasy land were totally amazed that our enemies can learn tactics. Tactics? We don't need no stinkin' tactics! Maybe the Leftinistra need to learn from our enemies and develop new tactics. Lord knows they need to come up with new material. Their crap is so old it doesn't stink anymore.

Also a while back, RWN brought us the Top 10 Gaffes of Czarbie. I could have sworn there were more. Oh. Wait. That was the Top 10. My bad. The whole article is at Townhall.

As I have written before, History Will Vindicate President Bush, Charles Krauthammer has confirmed. However, it is politically expedient for cowards to blame everything on our current President. For such a stupid man and for such a horrible President, using their words, President Bush sure has beaten them at every turn and every issue. I don't think that says good or positive things about his critics. They are self-professed "better" and "smarter" than he. If so, why did he trounce them so? Amazing.

They remind me of the idiots of Code Skank and the other idiots in Vermont.
[...] I’m not sure what they mean by “frightened many people into silence.” I’m having a hard time keeping up with what all the Bush-hating, Palin-bashing, McCain-disparaging wackjobs are jawing about over the general wacked clamor. But maybe even the most shameless Obama watercarrier in the press finds Bugliosi’s level of wack embarrassing. [...]
Andrew Fell says for the anti-Americanists to drop it already. Well, I tell them to drop dead.

We have heard that Roosevelt was such a GREAT President, correct? Well, Chicago Ray gives a history lesson the Leftinistra run away from:
When they spit out that ad nauseum talking point claiming that Palin the VP CHOICE isn't qualified enough to step in and be president if McCain is elected and some lunatic lib from the Daily Kos crew decides to assassinate him.

There once was a great president who to this day the libs point to as one of their few successes in history, and he too was a small town Governor like Sarah Palin and his name was Roosevelt....[...]
Indeed. I never thought that he was even sort of good President. He is the one that got socialism embedded into our politics. Whatever y'all do, DON'T get Chicago Ray going on Czarbie!

We all know why Czarbie isn't winning and we all know why Czarbie will not be the next President. The Leftinistra were wrong on the Troop Surge. The Leftinistra were wrong about McCain. The Leftinistra are on the wrong side of the energy crisis. The Leftinistra are on the wrong side of the financial crisis.

Any questions? Remember, the Leftinistra thrive on rewriting history.