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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Big Bail Out - What To Do


As Burnanke and Paulson are urging "swift action", Newt Gingrich says to say "hell no". I agree. Kill. It. Now. As I have also stated, asked and demanded, just where in the hell in the United States Constitution does it state that every time an idiot defrauds someone else, it is the government's obligation to bail them out and "set the record straight"? Hans Bader seems to agree. ( all things on this blog "economy" here and in my reader here, videos here) If government programs of any sort cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution, the subject or issue needs to be dropped like a dirty bomb.

Think Backwards has it sort of correct but naturally, they are highly suspect in most things. So, I would urge those folks over there to remember that the Rough Draft of the bill is a Rough Draft. However, the language in the Rough Draft scared just about everybody so I have to give them that.

We can catch the buzz over at Memeorandum, naturally but, no matter who it is that exclaims that the government has to rush in to save the day - or the planet as far as that goes - needs to be shut up. Ask them to reconcile it with the United States Constitution. If they cannot, be gone with them, no matter who it is.

Contrary to the fashion of blaming Bush for all things, one thing is perfectly clear; the sole responsibility of the current boondoggle rests in the laps of Congress, Fannie and Freddie. Period. The Foundry has been following this very closely and in this post, they have identified "attachments" by Chris Dodd that are equally unconstitutional: in part;
Provide capital to financial institutions in return for equity Allowing bankruptcy courts to revise mortgages Placing caps on executive compensation
This sounds like more of the same-same and seeing that the guy submitting this nonsense has played a LARGE part in the current DNC-induced quagmire, that alone causes my pinger-detectors to stand at attention. Along with that, this all reeks of setting a precedent to future idiocy. The Weekly Standard suggests one of these possibilities. It has something to do with the expression "we can put a man on the moon but...(fill in the blank type of thing).

Some are calling this economic shock and awe. I am calling it dumber and dumbest. I am sick and tired of the Congress looking down their collective noses at the rest of the nation when it is they and they alone that bear the entire cause of this unacceptable situation. Let them take their funds they have received; let them take their millions and pony up to the bar. Let's have them appear before an investigative panel of citizens and answer hard questions instead of them pretending that they are all surprised and demand to "get to the bottom of this". Please. They are only fooling the stupid people...themselves.

How close was the meltdown anyway and why isn't close now? I have been hearing that the world was ending and that the sky was falling and now it isn't and no one has bailed anybody out yet. So, why the panic?

I once thought that the Pelosi-Pickens land grab and water grab in the Texas Panhandle would have done the Robber Barons of yore proud. Now, I have reconsidered. So has Right Truth.

One other thing and I am sure this isn't my last post on this but, the idiots at Open Left seem to think that there are righteously indignant Democrats in Congress because this is a Republican induced issue when it clearly is not. Idiots. They even cite a pissed off lawyer...damn near laughed my ass right out of my chair. More of that utter ignorance here.

Sometimes, poetic justice cracks me up.