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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Candidates, Campaign Wars, Trolls and Moonbats


I have been holding off on this post for personal reasons but have decided to go ahead and do it. I have a Blog Talk Radio show with some measure of popularity and I am a member of the Heading Right Channel. You will see the links in the left-hand side-bar. I have noticed on my shows and many others that ever since the GOP Convention where in the aftermath Czarbie began to really drop like a rock, many trolls came out to play and say things like, "I hope McCain dies" and started getting in the chat rooms and calling in to the shows to lob some personal attacks and generally make asses of themselves - not that they needed any help in that regard.

And then, Czarbie himself came out and in a public forum, sanctioned such activity. Note to Czarbie: it isn't helping you, you idiot.

Here is a list of interesting tidbits...

I started collecting blog posts when I ran across this post from HBWT:
The Lebanon (Pa.) Daily News carries a letter to the editor from Christopher Tarsa, who makes the case for crossing party lines to support Barack Obama: [...]

[...] But the paper appends a tagline that rather undercuts Tarsa's claim to speak "as a Republican": "Tarsa is chairman of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee." Apparently party lines run right through Christopher Tarsa.

The only thing surprising here is that the newspaper outed the scumbag Democrat in a note right under his letter to the editor. [END]
Not only is that odd, it is flat out dumb. Someone was posing as a disgruntled Republican while writing a letter using its letterhead with the DNC logo and emblems. Talk about a mental midget. Then, I came across The Hill announcing that the Goracle was teaming up with the anti-Americanist group MoveOverWeAreRetarded:
Former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore has joined the liberal group MoveOn.org to raise funds for Democratic Senate candidates.

In a fundraising e-mail, Gore singles out Al Franken (Minn.), Rep. Mark Udall (Colo.) and state Sen. Kay Hagan (N.C.) as “three champions of clean energy” who should be elected to the Senate. [...]
So, a liar teams up with traitors to elect other traitors, socialists and liars. Wow. Surprised me by golly gee! And then, Velvet Hammer posts a video of Czarbie himself declaring war on rhyme and reason. Evidently, he won't win being honest so he is now sanctioning political hit men: (long version of video here)
"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face..."
So, now he is inciting to riot or violence? Who would have thought that an Alinsky lover would stoop to such obnoxious behavior? Indeed. Saul would be proud.

Social engineers across the globe encourage neighborhood brawls, assault and battery, start fights, offer housing and other amenities to fellow anarchists, creating civilian armies, encouraging brownshirts, promote Czarbie fascism (with video), promote and encourage civil disorder, encourage rape as a weapon, inciting attacks, encouraging vandalism and threats against candidates and become pathological in their vitriolic idiocy and hate.

Czarbie - an unhinged loser that is also a Clear and Present Danger.