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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About the DNC Induced Financial Debacle


I wonder when the Libocrats are going to redeploy?

Michelle Malkin, in three places, brings us even more evidence of DNC Affirmative Action that has contributed to the overall demise of this great Nation. She calls it the illegal loans or the illegal aliens stealing our money, or something along those lines. Take your pick...they are one in the same. The third location is here.

Bright and early this morning, Redstate lets all know that Burnanke has spilled the beans.
[...] I’ll say it straight out: that would be far higher than the current market for these securities. The Troubled Asset Relief Plan is a bailout of Wall Street, at taxpayer expense. Pure and simple.

This puts everyone in a very difficult position, for two reasons: First, it’s morally wrong and politically a disaster. Second, it represents a misallocation of resources that can only hurt the economy later. [...]
It is also unconstitutional plain and simple.

And this report absolutely floors me. There are so many idiots in this country it is truly mind boggling to say the least. There will be plenty of discussion at Memeorandum for sure: "Americans Oppose Bailouts, Favor Obama to Handle Market Crisis". Someone explain that one to me. In the article it explains that most are unschooled. We will be sure to straighten these idiots out. Case in point, Czarbie is PART of the financial problem. His other Leftinistra are at the ROOT of the issue. Simply amazing. Remember 2005? Judas Priest!

If folks really think that Czarbie is the cat's meow, perhaps they need to watch a video with the English translation to his utter ignorance. Then again, perhaps all the Democrats in the country should put their Patriot Capes on and send ALL of their money to DC.

In stark contrast to the illfounded "deregulation meme" of the Leftinistra, The Foundry has the answer:
[...] The problem with the Democrats’ “deregulation did it” meme is that it didn’t happen – deregulation that is.

The most significant financial regulatory action in the Bush Administration was Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox), a law significantly increasing regulation of the accounting and securities businesses. It spawned twenty – count-em – twenty new rulemakings at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and created a whole new regulatory organ, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

If that is the “deregulation” House Leaders want to reverse, I’m with them. Describing what happened during the Bush Administration as “deregulation” just doesn’t square with the facts.

Bad choices by government have contributed to the current crisis, but calls to “get some regulation here,” neither illuminate those mistakes nor suggest what choices may be better. [...]
Spin that. With Czarbie knee deep in this quagmire, he has ZERO credibility. But, that won;t stop him from rushing in to socialize the markets while his idiot lap lickers run behind picking up his dross...as it were. Complete buffoonery there. Bush did it. Idiots.

With the libtards wanting to include everything from student loans to auto makers, they have very little room to blame Bush on anything. This is sheer lunacy. We need something that works and that something would be to let the markets take care of itself. It will be painful but the inflated idiocy of trying to make it look like something else surely has failed so, why fix it?

I suppose Reid could fix it by extending the Senate Session...or not. More than likely not. I don't know how many times he has taken his ball and gone home because he couldn't deal with the issue(s) in front of him. Maybe this one is different...or not.