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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Huffington Post Blogger Violates the Smith Act?


In the aftermath of Czarbie falling like a rock in the popularity contest and unable to shake away from his associations with known enemies of the State of which he lusts to be First Czar of, his followers have gone over the deep end. No matter how many people he throws under the bus and exposing that he is loyal to one thing and one thing only - himself - he cannot escape the fact that our enemies across the globe are hoping that Czarbie becomes the next President of the United States. That simply isn't going to happen. They hope he becomes First Czar because they know that he is a coward and unable to lead; he can only follow.

Seeing that everyday, his followers have now decided to quote Julius Caesar: "If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." This quote is located on a post penned by a socialist bimbo named Larisa Alexandrovna (go figure). The post is located here and is entitled, "Welcome to the final stages of the coup...". Naturally, the pathetic fool says that the Bush Family is taking over the nation with the bail out but, the Plan hasn't passed yet and it more than likely won't...hopefully.

What this moonbat either doesn't know or maybe even does and pretends not to know is that her beloved Democrats have created this financial faux pas. After all, it is fashionable to blame GWB for everything...such a powerful man he is. Well, being from Texas I can understand why they would think that.

There have been several posts today calling this the GOP socialist plan and I suppose it is a child's way of getting even. After all, the Leftinistra have been shown to be exactly that, socialists, if not flat out Marxists like Czarbie.

Now, I am just wondering why the idiot has that quote from Julius Caesar up there. Click on the screen shot to see it.

Oh. Wait. No, I am not serious about the Smith Act thing in the title but I imagine it got your attention. Or, do I?

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You know? The more these Czarbietards implode the better I feel.

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