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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

War News, Moonbats, Losers and Libtards


As we all know, the Leftinistra tried so very hard in all of 2006 and 2007 to lose the Iraq War for political gain, regardless to the casualties of our Troops. The Troops didn't matter to them. Political Power did. That said, let's take a look at some interesting items.

Today, the President spoke for the last time to the United Nations and reminded them of their commitments, duties and responsibilities that they themselves placed upon themselves. Naturally, they aren't able to but President Bush reminded them just the same. I bet he is very happy about not having to talk to such a useless organization. (transcript here)

After the Little Man-Boy from Iran addressed the United Nations, Ben at ANO explains what he said that the alleged media missed. And, I am pleased to announce that the US Delegation walked out when the terrorist from Iran began to speak.

Ace brings us a letter written home from a military member writing from Afghanistan just before he was KIA by an IED, more than likely Iranian. The entire letter is here at the Corner. And, while you are here, please review this video...and American Troops Tribute.

Remember, Al Qaeda is still around although in a limited capacity having been severely spanked and walloped around by the United States Armed Forces across the globe...not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have promised more attacks against embassies across the world. They are calling it he October Surprise. I can hardly wait. They have even threatened Iran with military action. I guess AQ knows that if they attack Iran, Iran won't get any help from the USA.

Just as Hillary "mispoke" about her arriving in a war zone under fire from snipers (remember that one?), Joe Biden now tries the same. Don't these idiots know that we are watching them like hawks? Good grief. What a bunch of pandering liars and frauds. His chopper wasn't "forced down" by enemy action, just to let you know. It was a snow storm. I guess we are losing the GWOT. If the enemy can create snow storms, we are all doomed.

Chicago Ray brings us news in regards to the soon-to-be-released Book of Poems by OBL. Oddly enough - or not - it will make its debut in the United States on the left coast. Go figure. I guess he knows where his allies are.

As I and many others have stated many, many times, the terrorists don't care about anything except Jihad. If you are not a Jihadi, you are an apostate if you are a Muslim. You are a target if not a Muslim and you are a target if you are an apostate Muslim. It truly is that simple. Al Qaeda has called for Jihad against all apostate Muslims and there is no reason to doubt this will take place.

As Iran moves closer and closer to becoming a nuclear power and Al Qaeda pretty much bribing them, why then are our political leaders sitting on their butts with both thumbs firmly inserted?

By now, we all know that Harry Reid would not allow the Support The Troops Resolution in regards to recognizing - OFFICIALLY - that the Troops Surge did indeed work. Having said that, why has he not been tarred, feathered and sent out of town on a rail? I suppose he is offering up some kind of sympathy for them because they returned the favor by blowing some stuff up in Pakistan. Maybe Reid needs to move to Spain. I even wonder if he gives a damn that among the dead are two Americans.

Better men than Reid know what the deal is and this Marine can school Harry the Fraud on any number of issues.
U.S. Marine Cpl. Garrett Jones was re-deployed just a year after losing his left leg to a roadside bomb while serving in Iraq as an infantry fighter. In previous wars, Jones would have received a medical discharge and returned to civilian life. But the Pentagon has made it possible for Marines who’d like to return to the front lines, to return.
Simply amazing. The whole story is here.

Another interesting video to view is the tour of the WMD Factory that Saddam didn't have and the media conveniently forgets to cover that he actually did have this factory up and running. Simply amazing. The reason? Czarbie cannot afford the adverse hits.

We are winning the GWOT and Czarbie cannot afford that adverse data either. Czarbie also cannot be revealed (too late btw) that he is the weakest on National Security than even Jimmy Carter was. Reagan explains it here. It doesn't matter that Iraq is a much better place now and even the NY Slimes cannot get away from that fact...not if they want to retain at least some semblance of honesty.