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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politics and Stupid


We need to revise our dictionaries. Politics=Stupid and Stupid=Politics. And they both mean pointless. Or useless. Or inane. With that, let us take a look at some reports about politics - or stupid.

Steve Keen brings us he story about the second stimulus package that the "stupid" are trying to sneak through while the nation is distracted by the non-emergency financial emergency which is an invented and contrived non-emergency emergency. These are the same "stupid" that were against the first non-stimulus stimulus package before they were for it. Seeing that the first non-stimulus package was a total flop like many of us said that it would be, what makes the "stupid" think that a second one will be a success? And, if it were a good thing to start with, why, then. try to sneak it in when no one is paying attention?

Breitbart brings us a story about "stupid" that wants to sterilize the poor and have the government pay for it.
WDSU: New Orleans State Rep. John LaBruzzo said that the program he is thinking about would be voluntary. It would pay poor women $1,000 to have their fallopian tubes tied.
If my history knowledge bears this out, wasn't this tried before someplace? It is called Eugenics, people.

Duane Lester brings us another installment on the roots of the current financial non-crisis crisis and the "stupid" that brought it to us. There is really no need to go deeper into that subject here in this post because I have already written enough about it. Please visit All American Blogger for another history lesson from another angle. By the way Duane, if you stop by, great job!

Ace brings our attention to several "stupids". This one is about the "rescue" mission going bust and the reasons because. This one is about the same deal as before with a twist. Still, it is about "stupid".

Roger W. Gardner brings a story of real "stupid". It seems that Joe Klein, another synonym for "stupid" has a problem with McCain stomping all over the "stupid" aka Czarbie.

Dumbass, aka "stupid", proves my point about the Leftinistra. This clown seems to think that because McCain wants the American tax payer protected, that is a stunt. Yep. Talk Left. Another synonym for "stupid".

Now, for some real "stupid", check out Andrew Fells' piece at Weasel Zippers. It is about the Code Skank whores visiting with our enemies on our soil and licking the dribbling from their shorts, apparently.

Cassy Fiano brings us more "stupid" than anyone should really have to "bare" - more Code Skank data. Just horrible but, someone has to write about them. And God bless her for it, too.

In more news of "stupid", JimmyZ brings us a blurb about king "stupid" Reid and shale oil restrictions.

TABs lets us know about the "stupid" in Minnekstan. It seems as though after the "stupid" had their cultural jihad meeting with more of the "stupid", they walked out of a family restaurant without paying their tab. Once again, "stupid" thinks the tab is all on the American People.

Ben Smith tells the tale of true "stupid" trying to obstruct constitutional rights of the NRA. "Stupid" doesn't like their message.

John Boehner relates another "stupid" in regards to voting fraud within congress itself.

Jim Geraghty talks of "stupid" - Biden (redundant I know) - remembering things that never happened. My parents used to call that convenient memory.

That concludes today's class on synonyms.