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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Energy Freedom Day 01 OCT 2008 Soon Upon Us


So now the FBI is involved in investigating the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac boondoggle, eh? Now they investigate? Well, there's nothing better than closing the barn doors after the horse got out, is there? I sure hope they go after the Congress Critters that failed miserably in their mission of oversight. Is this another distraction from the No Oil Zone crisis?

In other news, the Democrats are quite pleased with themselves now that the repeat of 1973 has started in Georgia. Georgia is experiencing fuel shortages and long lines at the pumps. Just in time for the debates too. I find this interesting. Georgia isn't the only state in the south experiencing and I sure hope the folks down there know who is responsible...the Democrat Party. Once again, the Democrat Party has failed their constituents. Get the ropes ready.

Want proof the Democrat Party is responsible? Yahoo News has the story on how the DNCers have capitulated and the moratorium will expire in seven days. Within the past few days, as Congress wrestles with the financial quagmire that they caused, the DNcers tried to sneak in an extention on the moratorium during debates on the continuing resolution to finance the government operations, and they failed. They know that they are on the wrong side of yet another issue and will now try and claim that they have seen the light. From Hot Air:
[...] This effectively ends this as an issue for the 110th Congress. Democrats thought they could get a partial moratorium past the Republicans, one that would have kept drilling at least 50 miles off from shore, but President Bush threatened a veto on any continuing resolution with that kind of language. The Senate had attempted to fashion the exact same compromise, but in the end, Republicans refused to agree. [...]
Conclusion? Dems blink and the American People win. The oil within the 50-mile barrier will be open for business and this is a victory of the #dontgo Movement...to a degree.

The AP posts a story that the Democrats "let" the moratorium expire. Wrong. They tried to extend it and failed. See the last sentence in the third paragraph above. This is an apparent victory for We The People but, as a HT Gateway Pundit, LFR thinks that there is indeed a catch. It could very well be. Nothing about the DNC surprises me but what does surprise me is this: too many of my fellow Conservative bloggers seem to apply logic when talking about the DNCers. Folks, this issue is NOT over until the drilling begins and begins in steadfast earnestness and urgency. Period. Until then, the libtards haven't given up anything and I don't see any White Flags yet.

I can understand the elation from the GOP in this regard but I will raise the flag of caution and to not let up the pressure one bit. When the enemy is down, put a boot on their neck. That is how you achieve the true and ultimate victory. No regrets and without remorse.

Atlas Shrugs says that pigs have started to fly.
The Democrat political elites decided to have mercy on the little people. They have destroyed our financial system, our public education system, our legal system, our ability to use our own energy resources, the Democrats have expanded fought for terrorists rights, child rapist rights ................ today it all came down around the heads of American people and so the oppressors let up ... a bit [...]
Again, I will hope that we all keep our eyes on these cretins and to NOT turn our backs to them. I smell something and I cannot quite put my finger on it. My palsy detectors are in full detect mode. I think Ace smells the same thing. So does lawhawk. Glad to see it. Right Truth is right pleased as we all are and they want to know when the drilling starts.

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Energy Freedom Day is soon upon us, folks. Let's remain vigilant.