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Monday, September 22, 2008

All Cowards Blame Bush For Everything


I don't give a damn if "Bush Urges Congress to Pass Relief Bill" or not. I don't want to bail or buy anyone out. It is not in the best interests of a nation in the long run if a government run "private industry" gets involved and saves the day in the moment of inconvenience. They soiled their own linen so let them lay in it and stink. Historically speaking, when the government gets involved in just about anything, that particular "issue" grows into a worse monster. Let this Democrat Party quagmire play itself out and allow the market to fix itself. This will be the best way to expose the culprits. This incremental socialism has got to stop and it has to stop now...before there is blood in our streets.

Chris Dodd has introduced a more "aggressive" - read that as more "progressive"; read that as more "socialist" - alternative bail/buy out of crooks and liars put into place by the Leftinistra within the Democrat Party. Chris Dodd, in case you don't know this IS IN CHARGE of banking procedures in this country. Where in the hell was he when it was pointed out that there were major issues with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accounting? Oh. Wait. He said that there WASN'T a problem until it became politically expedient to blame Bush - just like a good little lap sucker of Soros would. Damn Dodd and Soros to hell, thank you very much. You can listen to the moron here.

Are you tired of the "Congressional Shell Games" yet? I most assuredly am. Folks, it is primarily the Democrat Party that has caused this financial quagmire. Period. However, that doesn't mean that some Republicans haven't also got their whistles wet either.
[...] In the case of campaign account pass-alongs, incumbents take money that was raised ostensibly for their own re-election campaigns and contribute it to their colleagues' accounts or to their national party committees. Incumbents, especially those without serious re-election challenges, pass along as much as 50 percent of the money they have raised. (Senators have exempted their own campaigns from certain spending disclosures, so it's hard to know who's received what from re-election campaign pass-alongs.) There is no requirement that the original contributor be informed that his or her money isn't going for the purpose for which it was intended. In the case of a contribution from a congressman's PAC, the pass-along amounts to "legalized" money-laundering. It's a way to get around the lower limit on the size of contributions. (PACs may raise more money from individual donors - $5,000 per person - than the $2,300 per person that personal re-election campaign committees may raise.) And it's a way to avoid full disclosure. In effect, the pass-along negates the laws intended to limit the influence of individual contributors, and it negates the laws intended to ensure that the public knows who is financing campaigns. Either way, the pass-along increases the pernicious effect of the seniority system, which gives greater power to members of Congress who have been in Washington the longest, and, thus, as a general rule, least share the values and interests of their constituents. [...]
Had enough yet? Go read the rest at TAT to get the blood boiling.

Something else I could care less about is that "McCain will propose oversight board". I am not impressed and neither should you be. I don't want another useless oversight board because they all fail, as history reveals. I want criminal investigations...PERIOD. I want people in jail. I want the crooks' assets seized and the proceeds used to pay off the debts accrued by these blatant criminals.

The screen shot to the left comes from HT to Douglas Ross. The entire piece is a must read by God. You want to know the morons that STOPPED President Bush and others from stepping in and averting the current crisis when it was affordable? Check the post out.

Why are there no calls for the head of Chris Dodd? And, why did he think that he could or would be a viable President of the United States?

Why are there no calls for the head of Barney Frank and why did he say that the views expressed way back then that the claims were exaggerated? Are they exaggerated now or is this one more political stunt in the realm of political expediency? Seeing that they were all wrong about the Iraq War, what makes anyone believe they are right about anything in the present? Some things boggle the mind, do they not?

$90, 128, 761 for Franklin Raines? $30, 155, 029 for Timothy Howard? $26, 466, 834 for Jamie Gorelick? Gorelick? Does she? $21, 000, 000 for Jim Johnson? Bonuses? For what? And the Leftinistra dare whine about oil executive Golden Parachutes? I smell the usual DNC Double Standard panties covered with fecal matter.

I say let the sleeping dogs lay and let the pieces which are crumbling fall where they may. Are people going to lose their homes? Yes. Are people going to lose their businesses? Yes. Perhaps people will then figure out that it is always best to live within your means and not a fabricated one. Perhaps they will learn that it isn't a government program that will come to their rescue every time they make a foolish business or personal decision. Perhaps then and only then will they hold their political leaders accountable.

Then again, when one suffers from BDS, it is always easier to blame Bush for everything. As I do and a host of others know, "It’s an established fact that President Bush began to call for reform for Freddie Mac and Sally Mae long before it was politically fashionable, and long before the present crisis." And that's a fact Jack!

As others try and lie their way out of this, they become more exposed for what they represent...pure idiocy, dishonesty and their stature as known liars. More liars can be found at Memeorandum.

It has been government interference with our financial markets that has caused this and other crises. History also bares this out. As always, just say NO to all government bail outs and buy outs. Always from now until forever ends.

Looking for leadership in this current crisis? Don't look towards Czarbie. He is #3 in pay-offs by the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crooks and he waited until AFTER McCain said his piece on the issue to come out with the usual DNC tripe of "we can do it better" without EVER explaining what that means. Czarbie can't even follow correctly. How in the hell can he even remotely think that he has what it takes to lead? Czarbie voted "present" as his answer to most everything...what a fraud he is.

As I have said for decades now...this is socialism at work and STACLU explains it fairly well. This is Socialism 101 at work no matter what you hear to the contrary. Socialism gets a death grip on a nation when it can get its filthy hands on the economy.

Gateway Pundit has the chronology of this crisis and the evidence is clear: Bush and McCain tried to stop this bleeding but Democrats stopped them. Naturally, the cowards on the left haven't the courage to accept responsibility so they have to brush it off onto someone else. Such cowards they are indeed.

I agree with Newt Gingrich: "Gingrich on the Bailout: Before D.C. Gets Our Money, It Owes Us Some Answers". Well. Actually, they owe us prison sentences.

Right Voices has something to say as well: "The Mother of All Bailouts = The Death of Fiscal Conservatism". Indeed.

Then, again, cowards always try and lie their way out of truth.

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