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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Much Pain Is Too Much?


That is a very good question. It is easy for me to sit here in my retirement chair pounding out posts all over the internet enjoying my personal financial situation. I learned decades ago not to live beyond my means. I learned decades ago to dump all credit cards except for one to be used in extreme emergencies only. I learned those lesson the very hard way...we lost everything we had playing the game at "look at me and look at my new toy that you don't have". I played that game and in the end, the people I was trying to impress had a lot more than I did. Naturally, I had to learn that lesson TWICE before it sunk in.

Some people are going to lose their homes and businesses. Tough. Get over it. Learn from it. Move on to the next level(s) of personal responsibility and do not rely on anyone to come bail your bad-decision making butt out. Here is a hint: if is sounds too good to be true, it is. Run away from it as fast as you can and do not become someone's sucker.

The Foundry has a great article everyone needs to read and print out for future reference: "Morning Bell: The Wrong Direction". The liberals are all about going in the wrong direction.
There is no doubt that past government intervention in the market, particularly by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is largely to blame for the current financial turmoil. And while past government intervention can not be used to justify further government interference, we also have to ask how much unnecessary pain the economy must bear. Absent action along the lines proposed by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, capital markets at home and worldwide would eventually normalize. But how many large and small companies are going to have to fail to make payroll because of failed credit markets before we get to that point? That is the question we are facing. [...]
It is going to hurt but we will recover as a nation. It is going to hurt but we must bear that burden and get away from the DNC instilled idiocy that has created this mess much to the chagrin of charlatans and socialists. It is a historical fact that when liberals write the rules, trouble soon ensues. Take the QandO poll just for fun...levity required.

I am pleased to see that the bail out is in deep trouble but I will be more pleased when it has drown in its own sea of guttural ignorance and is flushed down the toilet. The sky is no longer falling and there aren't folks diving off of skyscrapers either. There is no panic unless you are someone in charge of the mess you were supposed to be looking over. That isn't my problem and I'm not about to pay someone off to make them feel better about themselves so they can come back again and repeat the process, Mr Raines. When democrats get antsy about giving away We The People's money, something is seriously wrong with the theory. Chris Dodd said just the other day that there could be riots in the streets over this and he is correct. The problem is, he could have averted this thing if he and Barney Frank were paying closer attention instead of lining their own pockets. What is even more weird is this: Schumer actually made sense yesterday. And, that sound you hear is me crashing my head against the wall.

STACLU has a story about Czarbie v NY Slimes v Democrats. Odd that. They are all the same thing. As long as we keep the socialists or the "compassionate conservatives" (whatever those are) out of this, the nation will be in a better place. Naturally, however, some of them just can't help themselves but to advance some neosocio-libtario idiocy thing.

In yet another development, it pleases me beyond my fun receptor range of Fun Detecting when I hear that DeMint and Shelby are dead set against the bail out. Killing the bail out and going for Plan Z is appropriate at this time.

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