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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here We Go 'Round and 'Round, 'Round and 'Round, 'Round and 'Round


So, the economy is theoretically in the tubes because 1% of the Mortgage Industry is stressed out due to the lack of Congressional oversight with those over seeing the Banking Industry being Democrats saying that there wasn't an issue until it became an issue due to an election. Amazing.

Anyway, I do believe that this has been a contrived non-issue issue that the Leftinistra are so good at making campaign issues distracting from the real issues. The real issue, in my estimation, is the fuel costs and the ways to get those fuel costs back down to affordable levels. As I have reported before, there is really no acceptable reason why gasoline at the pump should be more than $1.00 per gallon...yes, I said ONE DOLLAR per gallon. Anything to the contrary is pure bunk. Seeing that ANWR can produce in 3 years, what's the hold up?

Gateway Pundit brings us, as usual, a very good picture that the Leftinistra do NOT have an energy plan, do NOT have an economic plan, they DO have a non-nuclear plan and they DO have a no clean coal plan. What in the hell good is that and what in the hell good is the Leftinistra in this country? And, what makes them think that they are so in touch with anything other than "udder" ignorance, bliss and outright stupidity? And THEY want to rule the world? With what? Nothing to offer except enslavement?

Right Voices brings us the story - MORE DATA - in the Ayers/Czarbie associations(s). They call it "data that cannot be denied. They should mention that a RATIONAL person cannot deny the data. Other than that, the story is dead nuts on. Sister Toldjah also brings up the Annenberg cover up and the status thereof and Redstate DARES bring up radical education with the Leftinistra slant that I have been bringing up for decades. Michelle Malkin also adds her data as well as Amy Proctor. The Weekly Standard takes it a bit further. The more I read, the more data flows in about the Annenberg cover up and the Obama-Ayers connections. That Annenberg thing keeps on keepin' on, doesn't it?

Pat Dollard brings us a story about the Little Man-Boy from Iran saying that the USA military action is responsible for the Global Economy crash. Simply amazing and there are those in this nation that hate it so badly that they will believe it and promote that lie. I saw the little jerk on the boob tube today as he was talking and I was wondering why the fool isn't in jail for war crimes seeing that he has sent Troops and weapons into Afghanistan and Iraq to kill our Troops. I suppose the Leftinistra will say that we deserved it and those acts by Iran are not Acts of War. Well, seeing that we have been at war with Iran since 1979, their opinion(s) don't count.

Czarbie made a fool of himself today as he spoke about the economy and he needs to fire his retarded advisers. He also has begun waffling on all of those socialist programs he was promising everyone and their mother. I guess he is getting ready for the debates with McCain. More of this at Memeorandum.

And, this being nothing new but Michelle Malkin brings us a story that FactCheckers is a waste of time. Really? Hell. I have known that for a very long time.

We have complete buffoons, trolls and blowhards, once again bring up yet another non-issue issue...EGADS!...the Keating 5. You know. The gathering that McCain wanted no part of and walked out and no one could find any wrong doing on his part. Yep. That's the one. Idiots.

With Paulson claiming, and wrongfully so I might add, that the economy is in a meltdown, and I don't believe it...is it any wonder that folks that I do trust are claiming that his plan is unacceptable? Along these lines, Czarbie's tax plan is nothing more than redistribution of wealth...sound familiar? In two articles at The American Thinker, thought provoking pieces wonder if this is The Turn or if we are entering into a Nanny State while lemmings run blindly over a cliff in a rush to fix a non-issue in Here We Go Again.

As the Leftinistra are inching closer and closer to the Abyss of Obscurity, the only thing they can see is that McCain about to close the deal. The hardest part about this for them is that they are powerless to stop it.