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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bail Out The GOP!


Now, if there was a bailing out I would support, the GOP would be a good place to start. We can start by ignoring, flogging, excommunicating and evicting from the GOP the likes of Mort Kondrake. The guy is a fruit loop and always has been. He more than likely thinks that the GOP has gone too far to the right. He suffers from CDS...Conservative Derangement Syndrome. If anyone thinks that the GOP has moved to the right since Ronald Reagan they are seriously suffering some sort of mental collapse.

HT to Q and O: Mort Kondrake - Fire Rush Limbaugh

Have you ever heard of such "udder" nonsense? Mort also said that Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are more or less trouble makers and have forced the GOP into the position it is in at the moment. Incredible as that sounds, the people that suffer from the same mental disparities that Mort has contracted are members of the DNC. Perhaps Morty Boy would be happier changing his Party affiliation. Oh. Wait. He is an implant and so are the rest of the RINO Whiners. We need a Street Sweeper in the GOP that will clean out the dross and dead weight.

Some will attribute rants such as mine as ODS but then again, such mentally deficient individuals are scornfully scoffed upon and about. The ODS dwells within the DNC, the media and the idiots that voted for Obama not knowing a damn thing about him...like where the fool was born. The real ODS is being demonstrated at this very moment in Kaliphornia and Chuck Norris handles that very nicely at Politik Ditto. Dr Lyle Rossiter talks about the Idol Elect and naturally, he is talking about Obama and the sycophants that selected him. There is your ODS ladies and gentlemen.
[...] There is more. As Critical Review's Jeffrey Friedman has systematically observed for years, and Fox News and Jay Leno and have informally recorded on the street, very large numbers of the American electorate are profoundly ignorant about how societies work. Our government-run school systems have committed educational malpractice for decades in failing to teach children the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society, the fundamentals of economics in free markets, the political foundations of ordered liberty and the dynamics of voluntary social cooperation. The uneducated citizen expects government to run his life with myriad regulations, pay his bills with other people's money and force others to "cooperate" with him for his benefit. Like a dependent child, he seeks freedom from want and risk, not freedom to live responsibly as he chooses. [...]
If you haven't read Dr Rossiter's book, you need to.

What would Socrates, Aristotle and Plato say to the crazy liberals? Ellis Washington has the answers. He writes about a conversation with a crazy liberal. God bless him.

Captain Thurston brings us the story of how Obama says we all need to sacrifice as he proceeds to break the bank with his coronation. What would be said of a GOPer if they performed as Obama has performed? What is a GOPer planned the most lavish and expensive coronation ceremony such as we might see on 20 JAN 09 for Czarbie? Isn't that a Double Standard? Oh. Wait. That would be classified as ODS. My bad.

How much do we need to "sacrifice" and what is it that we all need to sacrifice? Our freedoms all in the name of the "socialist definition of the good"? Our individualities? Our Traditional American Values that created this nation and attracted millions to her shores in the quest for Freedom? Are we to throw it all away while the idiots such as Mort Kondrake is doing? Not hardly. Are the socialists that are taking over this nation willing to die to enforce their ideologies? I ask that question because it is indeed coming to that. As a student of American History, I recognize the equivalence of modern days to those of the mid-1800's. Those that don't know our history will not recognize the pitfalls and the warning signs before them. They shrug it off as "ODS". One day, that "ODS" mantra will be shoved and placed in a part of the human anatomy that the sun never sees.

First it was Christmas under attack and now we have Thanksgiving under attack. It never ceases to amaze me how the insignificant few demand to dictate to the many. A friend of mine has stated that the reason Christianity is under attack is because Christianity is the only "religion" that matters. Look at the facts. We cannot have crosses or mangers on government properties but we can have foot baths for the Islamis at government airports and government schools and that is only one example of many. It is a signal of the never ending DNC Double Standard Syndrome. The few dictate to the many and that is called Anarchy.

The GOP is in dire need of a bail out and only True American Patriots will be able to pull that off. The question is this: will they have the courage to do so? I doubt it. They have been cowering under the feigned attitude of "let the liberals destroy the nation so we can come back into power as a natural event". I hate and loathe such fools. Sometimes I wonder why I and others ever served or are serving to keep such ingrates and ungrateful fools safe.