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Monday, November 24, 2008

BODS: Bail Out Derangement Syndrome


This garbage keeps getting more and more pathetic as the folks that make piss-poor business decisions get on the Czarbie Socialist Band Wagon and stick their grubby mitts out for a hand-out. I can hardly blame them though. If the idiots in DC have their heads up their butts, why not take advantage of the mental midgets?

It is said that Obama has sent strong signals from the sidelines and the morally corrupt and the emotionally weak coupled with the mental midgets won't catch the drift. His "strong message" was empty just like everything else he has ever said...nothing to back it up. He has mysteriously stayed clear of the auto maker's welfare plan whose demise was caused by labor unions. I find that "odd" (dripping sarcasm).

Not to be outdone by more socialist welfare give-away programs, the worst ever CONgress has threatened America with another failed stimulus package. Is it any wonder then that Citigroup has been added to the Corporate Welfare Plan? And the libtards thought tax breaks for corporations was corporate welfare? When does all of this stop? When "they" run out of money? And, where in the hell is all this money coming from if we were running out back when the fraud Paulson said that the sky was falling? Feel free to read special commentary at America Needs Me. He calls it Bail Out Porn. Obviously, there were no lessons learned during the Chrysler Corpration quagmire.

I suppose that since the tax money being used to bail out idiots undercut by their own stupidity isn't ours, should we really complain? Relliapundit says that if we are to bail everyone out, we should use vouchers. That is a good plan but that would require accountability and we cannot have any of that...can we?

Home Depot, Starbucks, Blockbuster and others should seek debt relief on their own just like us lowly citizens.

We need for better heads to get involved in all of this and freeze this nonsense now. 70% of Americans say no to the bail outs but that won't matter. We said the same thing back when the sky was crashing down all around us.

Do we really trust CONgress to do anything correctly? Have they done anything correctly? The answer lies within what that idiot Wes Clark said...bailing out the auto makers has everything to do with National Security. I nearly spit for socks up over that remark.

Another answer lies within the verbiage regurgitated by Barney Frank...he said CONgress has the obligation to spend ALL of the tax money as quickly as they can. So far, they are up to close to$7T! I suppose that is what the interest is on the original $700B.

For a nation that ran out of money, we are doing pretty good. The original $700B wasn't really needed for what fraud Paulson said (include Pelosi) seeing that their aren't any "real" toxic mortgages (just like I said MONTHS ago) and the Fed has obviously a lot of money to loan out and are being quite secretive about it all. Just call it the money hole. That sounds a lot like a politician hole, doesn't it?

Some folks are saying that we don't have the resources for all of this but others are saying that the auto makers need all that they can get. Where is it all coming from? Whatever happens, it is going to take 5 years to "get the job done" and not the "short time" Czarbie said.