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Thursday, November 27, 2008




It's all Sarah Palin's fault. She said she could see Russia from her house. Oh. Wait. The idiot from SNL said that and that is what other idiots that watch SNL on a regular basis remember. Sarah just said that one can see Russia from Alaska but somehow morons used that for fodder. And morons believed the fodder.

While the fool named John Hallman excoriates his own idiocy, others will actually believe that he has something worthy to say. I find it truly amazing that the idiots of his ilk actually think that the last 8 years has been like living in a prison. He proves that the emotional cannot be trusted to clean off their own bums and that the necessity to read and study the List of 45 is a must for every True American Patriot. Then again, to this cretinous moron Patriotism equals the overthrow of the United States Constitution. More of his type of lunacy can be found at Memeorandum if one has the stomach for Code Pinkish skank mentality.

Hallman says that the country is in a mess and what the fool doesn't catch is that it has been the Democrat Party that is responsible for "the mess the country is in". Their idiocy over the decades has ushered in the age of socialism, a return to what President Wilson presented and what FDR brought to pass. If Hallman and his Gang of Dopes knew anything about history, they would know this. Unfortunately, their genre of history started in the year 2000 when BDS boiled over into the mental illnesses of the Liberal Mind. Here come the Russians.

As a contrast to Hallman's complete idiocy and misguided stupidity, we have the Babe in the Bunker, Barbara Simpson writing about a different kind of "prison". In an article entitled, "Welcome to the American Prison", she writes the following, in part:
[...] Compare that to soon-to-be U.S. President Barack Obama and his view concerning coal plant power production in this country. He was talking with the San Francisco Chronicle on Jan. 17. Reporters and editors were there; the interview was taped

Obama expounded about his views on cap-and-trade systems concerning industry emissions and government control of them. He was very clear he would put such a system in place, and it would be "as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out there."

He said all greenhouse gas emissions would be charged to the polluter, creating a market in those trades, and the caps would get stricter every year.

So what's the future for new coal power plants? Obama is for them – or is he?

"So if somebody wants to built a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

Mind you, they wouldn't go bankrupt because business was bad. They'd go bankrupt because the rules, regulations, permit fees and all the other hoops they'd be required to deal with would sink them.

In truth, they'd go bankrupt because their government aimed to destroy them. [...]
Welcome to the Nanny State. I doubt very mush if Hallmnan and his doltish cad-like sycophants could tell you one thing Obama has accomplished in his life other than having hjis memoirs written by someone else, making a mockery of the electorate, deceiving the weak-minded and over emotional and them betraying them after the fact. I can hardly wait for another article from Hallman as he whines about the Messiah he selected. Such a fool he is indeed.

The Russians have expressed their concepts as to how an Obama Administration can succeed so they offered up some carrots and those "incentives" include surrender to the will of the USSR Reborn. Obama, with his naive ignorance and his lack of a substantial character and his Marxist background will succumb to the will of his Komrads in the name of "see I told ya so". And the phony conservatives still claim that this sort of nonsense will be good for the country in the long run. I spit in their direction. Gateway Pundit has previously made the assertion that Czarbie has already surrendered so the portent here is indeed ominous.

For more data on the USSR Reborn, go here.

Some are calling an old-school communist remarks as the Nutty Russian and as I may agree with that assertion, the underlying intent of the outburst of one Professor Igor Panarin could come true seeing that the socialists in this nation have put into place the right formula for a break up of the USA. Through the cancers of multiculturalism, diversity (unity through disunity), political correctness and identity politics, the socialists have manged through time (see List of 45) to literally destroy the nation. They have been so good at this they can get away with it by blaming the Party that constantly states that they are taking the Higher Road. While they have been busy taking that Higher Road, the underpinnings of their bridges have collapsed from the mining all around them.

Look at their chosen candidate and prove me wrong. Mr Nobody, an illegal alien was placed ahead of everyone else and the One World Socialists such as George Soros promoted him knowing that he will bend to their will because he is an immature, narcissistic dolt and has no direction of his own. Dr Bill draws this conclusion:
A top Russian political analyst predicted that the United States is heading for collapse and will divide into six separate parts. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will adopt the Amero currency, and China and Russia will regulate world markets. After reading Panarin's predictions, you may agree with Albert Einstein who had ways of appropriately giving his opinion on issues. [...]
Russia isn't doing all that well and, as good socialists do, they distract from the real issues in the hopes no one sees their failures and if their failures are detected, they easily pass them off to someone or something else. What the "prediction" boils down to is Russia wants Alaska back. Some time ago, President Bush was actually entertaining talk with Russia to build a bridge between Russia and Alaska. That didn't go very far but one never knows.

Both Putin and Medvedev are hoping for a "brighter future with Obama" and the smart folks and those paying attention know why. Primarily, they will walk all over Obama because he is one of theirs actually and doesn't have any experience in governance. Mark my words, before long, Putin will be once again at the helm of the USSR Reborn.

The proof of this will come before long as Russia is actively aiding Syria and Iran with their nuke programs. Iran has announced that it has accomplished the break up of an Israeli "nuclear spy network" and the media is silent. Why were Israelis in Iran spying on nukes if Iran didn't have any or at least getting close? 5,000 operating centrifuges might be an indicator, yes? Even the IAEA says they will help Syria build nukes and we all know who they affiliate with, correct?

All of this was predicted and expounded upon months and years ago and the idiots in DC just plod along like they know something. They don't. But that doesn't stop them from pretending. Israel and Iran will tango and they will tango soon...perhaps before Obama the illegal alien enters the White House and begins his "rule". Israel has already asked for our help just a few days ago and has received positive affirmations.

We can count on Obama to betray Israel and this Nation to the will of the USSR Reborn and their terrorist networks they have been feeding, sheltering and arming for decades. The Cold War for them never ended.