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Monday, November 24, 2008

War News Update: Near and Far


The New Cold War between the commie pinkos in South America and the USA is having difficulties. As JWF states, one has to believe the sources one trusts. Apparently, the socialist Chavez is getting his pee-pee spanked in the recent "selections".

Remember that USA-Israeli joint "raid" in Syria last year? Well, apparently it was a nuclear reactor project. Gee. Who would have thought that?

Evidently, the racial slurs hurled at the Messiah Czarbie by Zawahiri has backfired. It exposed the Arab Slave Trade. Such moral people the democrats support. Then again, the democrats have a very long history supporting slavery, their rhetoric to the contrary not withstanding. Just refer to my Democrats and Terrorists collection.

In previous War News Updates in recent days, I brought to your attention that the British are upset that one of their Jihadi scum citizens was zapped via remote control. Weasel Zippers brings us an update. They are still upset. Too bad and so sad. Rashid Rauf is now running for his life in "paradise"...the virgins he got are gay Rotweillers. By the way, David General Petraeus is responsible for waxing the murderous Brit. Perhaps Mullah Assad is helping him out with that.

When the Brits allow the Jihadi Global Cultural Jihad to grow within their own borders, they deserve everything that comes their way...much like the USA.

In other news, Iran is getting many accolades for participating in terrorist activities. No wonder Code Skanks are in Iran bowing down to the Iranian Trouser Trouts.

Over in the mythical land of Palestine, aka Fallestine, aka Utopia which means Nowhere, Abbas was "elected" President. Nothing like being President of nothing, eh?

By now, we have all heard about the SOFA in Iraq that the Iraqi Legislature is pleased with. It seems that al Sadr isn't all that happy about it and neither is Iran. Too bad. Sadr isn't getting any support from his "fellow Iraqis". The war is won, Mooki. Get over it. Someone needs to let Dingy Reid know as well.

We read in Epoch Times that Al Qaeda is closer to a dirty nuke than originally thought, thanks to the meddling of the Defeatocrats, both Republican and Democrat alike. They were too busy jockeying for political power to pay attention to that which really mattered. Congrats morons. I can hardly wait for the Nuclear 911. and I wouldn't hold my breathe Mr Karzai. Czarbie has "promised" more help and we know how empty his promises are. Just ask the idiots that voted for him. The real help in Afghanistan will come from General David Petraeus.

For a wee bit of humor, check out how CAIR got served in a humiliating and public manner. Kudos to those that pulled that one off. For years these terrorists have been plotting to bring Shar'ia Law to the USA. Screw CAIR.

On a more serious note, drillanwr has a post in regards to the folks thought brought us 911...the Clintons are returning to the White House.

Amy Proctor brings us a report that the Iraqis fear a premature US departure from Iraq. Apparently, the pirates are waiting for Czarbie to lose the war that we have won so they can move in. Czarbie would do that just so he could say something retarded like, "See? Told ya." YWT also brings the report.

In Jpost, we read that a missile and missile equipment shipment to Iran was thwarted stemming and originating in North Korea. And we took them off of the "terrorist" list? Now, why would Iran want such equipment? I know. Dumb question.

For another "funny", it is said that Obama has thrown Osama off of his game. Ja. Sicher.

For something "Rather" unsettling, check out the WND piece of the feminizing of military leaders. I agree. What would Patton do?

We also have conflicting verification of data that may or may not be confirmed or conflicted in regards to whether or not Saudi Arabia offered a Taliban thug asylum and we can now read the Election Tea Leaves in regards to the Middle East and the elections of 2008 as we wait for the Gaza Strip to implode. While we are at it, let the terrorists in Pakistan whine as we send in the drones. Isn't that what Czarbie talked about?