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Sunday, November 23, 2008

War News Update: Additional Data


Even though Obama the Fraud and Liar has said that he will disarm America so he would retain the votes of the stupid, apparently he isn't going to be able to do that. At least not right away if he makes it to the White House.

In Gen. McCaffrey's Latest AAR from Iraq, he covers all of the bases of the previous buffoonery of the "peace crowds" that we all know as the Peace Thugs. The pdf file is here for those interested enough in reading what is really going on. Only the idiots think we haven't won in Iraq.

Terrorist Ringleader Dies in Latest Airstrike Inside Pakistan. That would be Rashid Rauf, thank you very much to Pakistan for letting the fool slip through their fingers. Oops. And don't let the reports that "civilians" were killed in any raids. That is code-speak for "foreign fighters". You do remember Iraq, correct? Even though the war has been won, there is still some fighting going on with most of it being conducted by Iraqi Forces. Yes. That is correct. The 18 Iraqi Benchmarks have been met much to the chagrin of the idiots that developed the list designed to fail. More of the missile attacks here at Memeorandum...

Some "scholars" are saying that Islam is going to emerge as a World Power. I have to laugh at that one. Wait until they find out that Islam is a fraud! WOW. Their "founder" didn't exist. Folks, I tell ya. That opium is bad stuff.

The War In Afghanistan can be won but the libtards need to stay out of the way. It will take much longer to win - like in Iraq - but it can be won. But the war Israel has been fighting is being fed by the United Nations. It seems as though depicting Israel as Nazis is going to bring about a peace that even Obama doesn't want. One day I am going to wake up and find that someone in DC grew a set of balls and kicked the UN out of NY and sent them to Peking.

In the Glare of a New Administration, Mukasey Defends America's Counter-Terrorism: this is from Maggie's Notebook.
Michael Mukasey, the current U.S. Attorney General, stepped to the podium at a meeting of the Federalist Society to defend Bush 43's strategy to keep America safe after the 9/11 attacks - "a remarkable achievement," he said, despite the "relentless criticism" in the media, in Congress and the "legal academy." This important speech never really reached the light of day as General Mukasey, in a frightening and dramatic moment, slurred his words and fainted on the stage. It was perhaps, only a faint, not a stroke or heart attack, caused by the late hour, the hot lights, and maybe the fact that a Washington State Supreme Court judge yelled loudly from the audience, "Tyrant. You are a Tyrant." Mukasey, obviously unsettled by the shouts, hesitated and then went on with his speech. [...] read the rest and the speech can be studied here
The libtards don't like to hear this but that doesn't make the reality of it vanish. President Bush and our Troops have made it possible that we at home have indeed been safe for at least 7 years now and Czarbie will soon learn this if he doesn't know it already. Then again, he can never make that public even though he is a liar.

More murderous terrorist scum have been "eliminated" and thank God for it. Is allah running out of virgins yet? Oh. Wait. The "prophet" and allah are frauds. I forgot. I guess the Jihadi scum are getting MAJOR surprises. "Why do these virgins look so hideous and they have forked tails and why in the HELL is it so hot in here?" Check the post for all the data in regards to AQ being eliminated in Pakistan.

Interesting. I said at least two years ago that the War would soon be fought in Pakistan. How long has it been now that the War HAS been fought there? Maybe that is why "Pakistan" fears us as much as the Taliban and AQ pukes do. Remember that famous speech that EVERYONE agreed with? "Either you are with us or against us." I believe that is how it was stated.

Anyway, remember those racial slurs that those owners of Higher Morality hurled at Obama just a short time ago? I believe the term they used was House Nigger. Everyone knows that the "N" word is strictly forbidden and rightfully so. So much for that Higher Morality thing. It seems that the American Mooooooozlims have denounced Al Qaeda for not having that Higher Morality deal down very well. We will see how long they take that trail...they just might be classified as apostates as well for it. After all, The Beginning (Al Qaeda) are the primo judges seeing that Shar'ia Law is above all there is to be above and the American Mooooooozlims don't follow that...yet. Well, maybe in Phoenix. More at Memeorandum...

And, get this: Obama is being called a sell-out already by him moron voters. I guess they are finally coming around to knowing what we have known from the very beginning. The guy is a liar. Too much. Catch it at Memeorandum...