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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

War News Update: At Home and Abroad


Finally, here in the Dallas area we have some terrorist sympathizers and enablers convicted on 108 counts of aiding and abetting the enemy. Too bad they didn't apply Treason to the deal. I would pay to watch them hang. More than likely, I would organize a typical Texican Tail Gate Party just for the event. It only took 15 years. And when did the Global War On Terror start? 2001, wasn't it. Was that 15 years ago? Their affiliation with CAIR is still a bone of contention and perhaps things will be made clear during the next round of exposing CAIR for what it is. A terrorist enabling entity which is a Clear and Present Danger to this nation.

CAIR is "Rather" upset about this recent development and so expect more garbage from CAIR claiming bigotry, racism and other such idiocy. FYI, Islam is not a race so how it can be classified as racism when fighting Islam has always made me laugh at the fools that make such a stupid statement.

I have been fighting terrorists and terrorism here at home and abroad for several decades and I started that business in 1974. It all ended in 2004. That's a long damn time. However, the war isn't over and it won't be over until we stop granting United States Constitutional rights to non US citizens. There is no where in our Constitution that authorizes or grants foreign nationals with American Constitutional rights. No where. I have studied the document for many years and haven't found it yet. If someone has seen it in there someplace, feel free to let me know where it is.

Last summer when this trial hit a glitch, the area Jihadi and Haji scum threatened violence if it went on. Must have something to do with that Shar'ia Law thing. There were similar billboards such as the one above in the Dallas area and the Jihadi scum whined about it. I find it curious that they whine about "free speech" when that speech is directed in their direction as criticism but when they criticize others, they are offended when others utilize "free speech" they don't agree with. Democrats and terrorists...same-same double standards.

After approximately 8 years of lying about President Bush and the War, NBC releases a video of a 911 hijacker being coached/trained by Al Qaeda members. I thought that was kind of "ironic" that it took this long for the media to "find out" what we have known from the onset. Some might find it peculiar. When I saw the video, all I said was "It figures". President Bush is a lot of things but he didn't deserve the treatment he has received. However, he did bring it upon himself or his advisers were just plain stupid.

One of the many fronts on the war here at home will be this guy Holder that may or not make the grade. It seems that back in 2002 he said that terrorists were not POWs and are not afforded the Geneva Convention "protections" that a normal combatant is afforded. Czarbie doesn't think that way and neither do folks that do not understand the Geneva Convention if they have even ever read it...as I have many times. It was one of my duties to know the document.

Another front here at home has been won recently by a Second Circuit court ruling that 4th Amendment warrants do not apply for overseas ops. It is about time someone saw that overseas is not home soil. That is one of those "DUH" moments.

Another "DUH" moment is a recent report from intelligence services that Al Qaeda is a lot closer to obtaining a dirty nuke than previously thought. Maybe the FBI/CIA/DIA/DOD or DHS/MI6 should hire me because I knew this two years ago and the reason Al Qaeda didn't use the stuff they had was because they feared US reprisals. Under a weak-kneed and thin-skinned Marxist Obama, they won't have those kinds of apprehensions. Czarbie won't do anything because after all, we didn't empathize enough for the poor terrorists. He stated that 8 days after 91101...remember? Blame America First is that idiot's mantra. We will be hit again under Czarbie if he makes it to the White House.

Even though our Troops have won the war front in Iraq, Czarbie and his stupidity can still lose it all and nothing would make him and his kind happier. We will have to watch that cretin like a hawk.

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