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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The War On Conservatism Will Lose


Phonies. Where do the phony conservatives crawl out from? And, why are there so many of them? Sometimes I think they are the left over Reagan Democrats.

The screen shot to the left was taken from this post here entitled, "The Folly of the Phony Conservatives". I call them Fair Weather or Eeyore Conservatives but, phony works for me as well. The picture is the meat of the post but the entire post is a must read.

The Conservative Movement, just like any other great movement, has been infiltrated by the enemy and that enemy is ourselves. We let these phonies in the front door and now they are trying to kick us out the back door. We'll see about that.

So, when you hear an idiot saying that Conservative Talk Radio is to blame for the position the GOP is in, just laugh and spit. The premise is retarded. When you hear that the "religious conservatives" are the problem, you know beyond a reasonable doubt that you are dealing with a phony conservative. When you hear that the GOP has moved too far to the right in recent years, you know that you are dealing with a phony conservative or an escapee from a mental ward someplace. None of the reasons mentioned above are the cause of the current GOP position.

The reason the GOP is in its current position is because the GOP has abandoned the Conservative Principles that propelled them to the Reagan Era Conservatism. It was during that time the GOP was infiltrated by the enemy...democrats posing as Republicans and/or Conservatives. I say this because it follows the List of 45, plain and simple. The Democrat Party has long been converted to socialism so why not get the other Party and get a single Party rule in the United States? I would like for someone to explain to me the differences between the current GOP and the current DNC. I don't see much of a difference.

Take Susan Collins, for example. She is a RINO that thinks the folks on the other side are her friends. Friends don't stab friends in the back. Ever. Her friends tried to have her replaced and now she is whining about it. But, now that the elections are over, she is wondering if they can ow all get along. That is a phony conservative.

Mort Kondrake is another fool. He is one that says that Hannity, Limbaugh and Ingraham must go. What a flake. Them and others like them are the reason why the GOP hasn't fallen into lock-step entirely with the DNC. Kondrake. Dummy and Dhimmi.

The year 2000 was my wake up call and I have been yammering about the RINOs ever since. Others are just now waking up and John Hawkins explains it all here. I used to call them the Silent Majority. Now I call them cowards that stay home and whine instead of getting involved and making a difference. We are at war and we do not have time for baby sitting the weak. Joshua P Allem has a great podcast you all need to listen to. The lead in is as follows.
There is a cancer in the Republican Party. This cancer is socialism. The McCain defeat could have been a form of chemotherapy, but it wasn't enough. The cancer lives on within the Republican Party. Merely 24 hours after the election, the cancer carriers tried blaming conservatism and Sarah Palin for the defeat while begging Joe Lieberman to join the fold. Until this cancer has been ultimately wiped out from within the Republican Party, the Republican Party will be useless. They will not stand up for you or me whenever a critical vote comes to the floor and they certainly won't win elections. Before all else, this cancer must be destroyed. Nothing else should take precedence over this goal.
He also called it a RINOectomy. That and that alone will bail the GOP out. Anything shy of that is a formula for further and future failures.