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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reeducating The Yutes: Part 6


On the top of the sidebar to the left (for now with no pun intended) you will find the collection of posts in regards to reeducating the yutes. The particular troll that goes by Barbara finally caught on to the "yutes" moniker and has claimed to be 62 years old and that I cannot teach it anything. I wasn't trying to teach "Barbara" anything. I am exposing the fool for what it is...an idiot moron libtard troll. Get it right.

In part 6, I will be taking the comments from the comments section of Part 1 of this series. Parts 1 through 5 were created from comments left in the originating post located here entitled, "So What Do We Do About It?". In the originating piece, we covered the following in the body of the post; Bible and gun clinging, Nanny States, socialism, liberalism, energy, the many lies of Obama, idiot statements of Obama revealing his inexperience and inept governance, Anarchy, mob rule, fear-mongering, the DNC link and history to slavery and discrimination, voter and campaign fraud, media bias, Obama's narcissism, the liberal pathology, exposing progressivism as socialism and liberalism and the United States Constitution.

I attracted a troll that took exception to liberalism being a mental disorder and then proceeded to prove that it was. I always give the libtards enough rope to hang themselves because they always do. When I alluded to the premise that this particular troll was the "usual suspect", IT got very angry and could not stay on topic. This is also why I do these types of posts. They cannot EVER stay on topic for very long. It is emotionally and mentally impossible for the trolls to stay on topic...I haven't met one that could for very long. I see nothing has changed. Anyway, let us begin.

FYI: this topic has inspired the creation of a new series on my Blog Talk Radio shows. Starting Monday, we will begin reeducating the folks that want to learn by exposing the idiots that are screwing up our Federal Republic that the Founding Fathers created because of the failed Democracies of their time. I haven't scheduled any shows for December but that will change this afternoon. Please stand by.

First comment from Part 1 from libtard troll Q: (used to be A)
Please answer the questions I posed to you on your previous blog especially when I ask How is it unconstitutional to provide health care for all Americans?we have done this for senior citizens for decades. it has never been found to be unconstitutional. please explain how it is unconstitutional. you made an assertion. you should be able to explain what makes it unconstitutional

also explain why you do not accept the picture of Obama's birth certificate that appears on the LA TIMES website and many others.

Explain how liberalism is a mental illness when it is liberal ideas that brought about the formation of our country and so many of its greatest freedoms.. you keep calling names. but you show no proof for your inane assertions like saying that because the US is a Republic it is therefore not a Democracy. I showed you a map from Encarta which shows all the liberal democracies in the world, and it includes the US. Are Encyclopedias wrong?
IT is impatient. I already answered the Health Care deal but IT refuses to accept the fact that the Constitution doesn't authorize National Health Care. IT hasn't read the Constitution and that is what I am trying to get people to do...read the Constitution.

I don't accept the "picture" of Obama's birth certificate as proof because it isn't a picture of a birth certificate because it is a picture of a Certificate of Live Birth which was provewn to be a forgery and removed from the Daily KOSmonoff web site and Obama's web site BECAUSE it was proved to be a forgery. FYI, the one that did the forgery ADMITTED to it and that is why it was removed. Why news outlets still publish the picture of the COLB as a BC AFTER the news of the forgery was just about everywhere is not a mystery to anyone that pays attention.

The poor thing is stuck on maps in encyclopedias as proof of one thing or another and that reveals an empty and shallow mind.

Second comment from Part 1 from libtard troll Q: (used to be A)
and snooper, I have already apologized for my first rude posting and for name calling. That was wrong of me and I am not proud of it. Now you need to answer my questions.

Thank you for linking to your previous article so that readers can view my comments for themselves. That was fair of you, but I get the feeling that your readers probably aren't too thorough when gathering information. Just a feeling I have.
More emotional nonsense. It says that I "need to answer" ITS questions. No, I do not. This is my home, my blog and I do as I please. End of discussion. No one dictates to me what I do on my blog. Period. Right after it "apologized", IT started all over which is typical.

Third comment from Part 1 from libtard troll Q: (used to be A)
you wrote a huge article filled with nonsense. I systematically challenged your statements and you have not backed up your statements with any facts or logical arguments. Why should anyone believe what you write if you can't back it up with facts? you said universal health care would be unconstitutional. Explain how that is true. do you think you can just make outrageous statements and have normal people swallow them whole/

I am not some ignorant ditto head who just swallows a bunch of silly slogans- socialism, marxism!!! Blah Blah Blah. what are your ideas for actually dealing with the nation's problems?

the new president is working on a new bill of rights for VETS. You must certainly think that is a good idea. Don't you think that vets should get some benefits for the sacrifices they have made???

if you have a blog, you are supposed to support the ideas on your blog.

How in the world are you educating me?// with some goofy list of 45? nonsense.

you said Obama is not a citizen yet there are pictures of his BC all over the web. you have no answer as to why this is and as to why officials in Hawaii confirm it is a legal document.

you make up your own facts. you are free to your opinions but you can't distort facts in making arguments.

if you are going to blog, you need to support your views
IT thinks IT challenged my statements. Ummmm, no IT did not. IT started with ad homs and went on a rant about Walter Reed. The only systematic thing the troll did was prove the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder, plain and simple.

Obama's bill of rights for veterans is total nonsense. He hates our Troops just like any other libtard Marxist.

IT then goes off on the List of 45 and calls it a stupid list. Well, naturally a socialist twit would say such stupidity. The List of 45 was read into the official record of Congress in 1963 and the Marxists back then said the same as the Marxist Barbara said. Amazing how the parroting has remained the same. IT claims to be 62 but I suppose IT doesn't remember much of 1963.

I suppose the CPUSA supporting Obama doesn't ring any bells with this trollop. More of the same can be found here not all written by me.

The poor thing also doesn't know the difference between a COLB and a BC nor does it know anything about the recent Kenyan connection. Everything IT needs to know about this issue is right here but IT has refused to go there because IT is too busy proven ITS mental instability.

IT makes the claim that I don't support that which I write. Yes, I do. The issue is this: IT doesn't accept them so IT thinks I don't. Silly thing.

Read the comments that IT has made and you tell me if IT has supported ITS claims and assertions. Yep. Liberalism is a mental disorder just like Drs Rossiter and Krauthammer have stated and proven. FYI, I have already provided the substantiation to this cretin but I doubt IT has gone there. IT will say something like, "NO YOU HAVEN'T! NEENER NEENER BOO BOO!"

Fourth comment from Part 1 from libtard troll Q: (used to be A) ROFLMAO!!
oh now you on to your great respect for human life. ie:the human fetus. You must have lots of blogs condemning Bush's torture of innocent people in violation of our laws and to the Geneva Convention. Our own military leaders including Colin Powell were against the use of torture. Please point me to your blogs of outrage about this inhuman practice since you have such a reverance for human life. and, of course, anyone who is pro life would be against a war against a country that had nothing to do with 911. Pro life people would be against unnecessary war, I would assume. and of course, you must have many blogs against the death penalty. Please provide a link::
The moron DEMANDS a link to something that doesn't exist yet does not provide ITS own for anything other than a wiki or some encyclopedia someplace or a known Marxist libtard POS blog like Crooks and Dope Smokers. Amazing.

Bush's torture of innocent people? Who might they be? What is the definition of torture? Does anyone know? What is the "legal" definition of torture? Does anyone know? Why have the politicians dropped this issue like a sore dick? Oh. Wait. Are sore dicks torture? The torture issue is another non-issue issue and this issue was dropped from the political arena for a reason...it wasn't an issue from the start and, Obama has said recently that he will CONTINUE the policy. The libtards have been SILENT on that portion of the feigned torture issue which isn't an issue.

As soon as the libtards reject and denounce abortion and the murder of American babies and babies around the globe, then and only then will I give a damn about "torture" of enemy combatants which are not afforded Geneva Convention rules because they do not qualify for them by the very tenets of the Geneva Convention. I can hardly wait for the idiot's reaction to that.

The idiot also has an aversion to the War and Iraq and 911. Simply amazing that this fool hasn't figured it out by now...that is another non-issue issue. WOW!

Fifth comment from Part 1 from libtard troll Q: (used to be A)
regarding the constitution,

you can google Bush and the constitution and you will get dozens of articles by constitutional law scholars as to Bush's gutting of the Constitution.

here is conyer's list from a congressional report:

http:// www.afterdowningstreet.or...itutionincrisis

here is one of many of John Turley's
appearances on TV condemning Bush's violations of our constitution. He is a constitutional law professor:

http://crooksandliars.com/silent...l-maddow-show- w
Self explanatory there. Google this.

The 6th comment was a repeat of the 4th...I guess the poor thing was too busy taking marching orders from ITS handlers to notice the cut and pasting routine got out of hand.