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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday IS The Deadline For Obama To Produce Eligibility


The issue is legitimate in spite of what James Taranto the Whiner wrote the other day or what John Hawkins wrote today. The reasons they give don't hold water nor do they pass the smell test when one gets into the nitty gritty. This is an issue because Barack Obama has made it an issue. He can put this all to bed by producing his birth certificate and not a COLB. They are not the same thing. The COLB was proven to be a forgery and that is why it has been removed from the KOS and Obama web sites.

The NIN is tracking this issue as are WND, Atlas Shrugs and many others. Some are asking, "What's there to discuss? A newspaper clipping and the Hawaiian officials have stated that Barack was born in Hawaii." We are to believe the press and officials? Sorry. That is all heresay. An official birth certificate would put this issue to bed and I wish Obama would produce it because all I want is the Truth. It's as simple as that.

Atlas Shrugs asks, "HOW COULD STANLEY ANN DUNHAM HAVE DELIVERED BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA JR. IN AUGUST OF 1961 IN HONOLULU, WHEN OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON RECORDS SHOW HER 2680 MILES AWAY IN SEATTLE ATTENDING CLASSES THAT SAME MONTH?" Good question. It is because of these "disparities" that lends credence to the concerns we have. Perhaps the detractors from this argument shouldn't comment when they haven't fully investigated this issue. I was once one of those detractors until I looked into this for myself.

When Barack's family members say he was born in Kenya and the Kenyan government confirms it, what are we to think? Whatever the detractors want us to? Not hardly. RINOs do that.

I have hundreds of articles stored here and I have written on this for quite some time, long before it became fashionable.

So, Monday is the deadline to offer up the evidence and if that doesn't happen, there is the 12/5/08 SCOTUS conference and if 4 of the 9 say so it will be placed on the docket for review. If Obama doesn't do the right thing here, how can we trust him to do the right thing in other areas?