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Thursday, November 27, 2008

War News Update: Around The World and Back


Recently, some Jihadis were arrested in Virginia and are being hold without bond. Good. I hope they get thrown under the jail and someone throws the key away. They claimed to be able to obtain missiles that could reach the Pentagon. Their defense attorney calls the whole thing mundane. Naturally. As far as I am concerned, if they are not American Citizens, what do they need an attorney for? They don't qualify for Due Process. The Infidel Blogger's Alliance has more.

Hizballah isn't supposed to have the weapons that they had in the last "war" with Israel but we aren't to be overly concerned. Are we? Just because they have 3 times what they once had shouldn't worry anyone at all. They might get one of those Derangement Syndrome syndromes. I mean, come on. It's only 42,000 rockets. It's not like they have an infinite number. And the folks that are "responsible" for making sure that Hizballah doesn't get these weapons surely wouldn't withhold information because they would be mortified or anything, would they? The UN. What a group of useless morons. I swear. Once again, UN Resolutions, this one being 1701, mean nothing to terrorists.

A few days ago we were warned that the terrorists were planning a huge attack which would dwarf 91101. People thought that it would be here in the USA but weren't quite sure. The attacks took place in India. I don't think the attacks dwarfed 91101 but I don't live in India so I wouldn't know how the Indians feel about it.

The attacks are oddly coordinated but some say there is no link to Al Qaeda while others say differently. No matter though. We are told that NYC should brace for Holiday attacks, primarily in the rail systems. So, I guess The One being elected hasn't changed the Global Jihad like we were told would take place. Humph!

And what in the world is going on in Minnesota or should I say Minnekstan? Somali Jihadis are leaving the USA and heading to where to do what? Join the Jihad in Somalia? Who would have thought that? Who is recruiting this young lads in Minnekstan?

I find it peculiar that since Obama has been elected, the terrorists are stepping up their activities. I wonder why that is. Could it be that The One is being tested? Naturally, Joan Walsh will pretend that she is one of those holier than thou cretins and whione about the testing period that Biden brought up but heh, Biden brought it up. Get mad at that moron. OK Joany? Apparently, Joany is thankful that Barack is being tested. I wonder if she is OK with the folks dying during the testing period. Idiot. Donald Douglas agrees with my assessment of Joany...she is clueless just like every other moonbat libtard. Somehow, Barack is better than Bush and Barack has zero experience at anything substantial. Here is what President Bush and our Troops have accomplished over the last 7+ years:
Victory in Iraq and no attacks on the American homeland. But Walsh, like Brilliant at Breakfast and so many others, has no clue as to what's really happening in the world today, and what it takes to protect a nation while an arc of terror builds across the international architecture.
Our Embassy in Kabul has also been hit recently and I wonder why Karzai is offering the leader of the Taliban protection in exchange for peace. That's how the Taliban got into power in the first place. Karzai must be a Democrat. He doesn't learn from history either and just might be trying to reinvent the wheel. The Taliban say that they are not negotiating and perhaps that is due to the fact that 250 Taliban Jihadi scum bastards were taken out by 30 American Fighting Men. Poor Jihadis.
Iran and HAMAS have declared an electronic Jihad against Israel and I am curious to see how that turns out. Is it like a video game? Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a threat to Israel Iran is involved someplace?

Good luck to The One that has stated that he would speak to our enemies unconditionally as they proclaim that their end game will be the utter destruction of America and Britain. I wonder how that conversation is going to start off. Even Al Qaeda has seemed to have had an about face opinion of The One. Just like a Democrat. Did they have an epiphany after the elections?

And what about Al Qaeda buying used ambulances on e-Bay? Sounds like they are planning for something akin to the school bus scenario to me.

While Iraq's long winter is nearing an end or at an end, no thanks whatsoever to the American Democrat and moonbat trollop, Iran sets the dawn for being a nation of bigots. It seems that Zawahiri's racial slurs hurled at Obama had to be topped off by a Nation State. Iran now classifies Obama as a house slave. How quaint. Good luck "negotiating" with them fella. I wonder what folks are classified as when they use their own children as suicide bombers. They must be running out of men.

While we are on the subject of Victory in Iraq, Daniel Davis wants to jump ahead of the game and lose the war just in the nick of time. Sometimes I do worry about dweebs such as he. Iraq is a humanitarian success in spite of the attempted losses by our own democrats. They just cannot bring it to themselves to admit it because they would also have to admit that they were wrong. They cannot have that.

Iran, Jihad, HAMAS, Hizballah and scores of other groups are one in the same. The sooner the politicians will accept that fact, the better off the world will be. They talk about unity but will never have it unless they first embrace Truth.

Cal Thomas calls it Mission Accomplished. I agree.

For comic relief, see the Islamophobia opinion piece by Weasel Zippers.