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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reeducating The Yutes: Part 4


Reference Parts 1 and 2 and 3.

This series started with this post right here.

It was a simple post actually and an obvious one at that. It started with a simple question and the poor thing had a conniption fit over the Republic v Democracy thing. It obviously wants a Democracy and I am sure any Democracy would make this idiot happier than returning to our Federal Republic as outlined in our Constitution.

UHOH! More talking dulls from a deluded and poisoned mind. It actually DOES believe this crap!

Comment #5 From Libtard IDIOT A: ROFLMAO! I really don't know where to begin with this complete and utter fool.
you said you wanted to debate. you haven't answered any of my questions:

Federal Republic IS a form of democracy. we consider ourselves a democracy.here is a map of modern democricies. They are even called "Liberal Democracies:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Lib...beral_democracy

case closed. please answer my questions about the gutting of all of our regulatory agencies.

here's another question: apparently, you think government doesn't work. that't true when it's run by incompetents and criminals like the ones in the Bush administration. Bush privitized Walter Reed Hospital. Greed took over and veterans received no care.It is back to government control now.when Obama gets in, veterans will get the care they deserve. Bush pushed student loans into private credit providers. Those providers are gutting students with usorous interest rates and unfair practices. here is an article in today's paper.

Student Loan Aid Is Test for Treasury
Groups Urge No Bailout Benefit To Private Lenders

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp...ml? hpid=topnews

of course the republican congress gutted all the regulations on credit card companies and they are now charging up to 39% interest. I suppose you support that too.

So since you are against government, Mr Historian, why don't you name one country in the whole history of the world that has had NO government. Do you suggest a country of 390 million people have no rules and regulations, no one to fix the roads, protect the consumer, provide a safety net for the poor and sick. what are governments for, just for killing and the military, kind of like the Libertarian idea??? Tell me Mr Historian. Elaborate on those phoney nonsensical soundbites of yours!

Please tell me how providing health care to all of our citizens would be unconstitutional. Explain how it would be unconstitutional. I will be happy to debate.

I am sorry I called you names. I am not proud of that, but I would like your detailed answers since you have written a long opinion piece.


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