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Thursday, November 27, 2008

So What Do We Do About It?


As some of us cling to our Bibles, guns, salt and light bulbs, the Nanny Staters are gearing up to infiltrate our every day lives and dictate to us what we need, what we do and how to do all of the above. They want to do our thinking for us and others are telling us that socialism isn't the problem while others are telling us that we will get liberalism until it oozes from every pore. So, what do we do about it?

Some of us are trying to get Obama to come clean about his birth certificate but, acting like the typical libtard that he is, he doesn't have the courage to face Truth. Truth repels your basic Marxist and Truth makes their skin burn. So, we will just have to watch him like a hawk and be louder than the moonbats and become just as obnoxious as they have been for the last 8 years. We cannot invent lies and pass them off as Truth because that is just wrong. There is plenty to nail Czarbie to the proverbial cross of Marxism with.

For example, his energy deal in regards to coal. We have to force him to make up his mind about coal and clean coal and we have to make sure that he and his sidekick are on the same page all of the time. His EPA stand has an odd resemblance to the USSA version of the Environment Gestapo.

We will also have to monitor the ever fluxing green light signals he is sending his Goon Squads via the social media. Apparently, the Change dot Gov site has a mirror site and the messages are clear. The message is the same as it was on the campaign trail...get in their faces.

I suppose we could find the silver lining in the dark tunnel of radical socialism rearing its ugly head or spend our time making fun of the inexperienced dolt. For some comedic relief, check out Jules Crittenden's "Stop Me If You've Heard This One" post. It breaks the monotony of the USSA. Or, you can recall the funniest (in a scornful way) five words the Marxist has stated so far: "A Government That Spends Wisely". That gathering of words is truly snort and gag worthy, don't you think?

We can start chronicling all of Obama's lies, waffling moments, and/or misrepresentations. We can start by reading this and then, add to it. Obama has decided to not cater to the gay crowd in regards to the military.

As Obama tries to usher in his Era of Global Equality, we will have to remind him that our individualities will not yield to Global Marxism. We will also keep this in his face at all times; socialism has failed every where it has been tried and that is historical fact.

We can also monitor the moonbats that claim Truth is fear-mongering. That should be a lot of fun especially in the area of 2nd Amendment battles soon to be fought. What these moonbats fail to notice is that it is they that promote fear-mongering. You know...Bush is Hitler without ever pointing out how that is and a plethora of other examples. Like I said, this will be fun. We will use Czarbie's own words against him because he has already given us two years of ammo, no pun intended. You know all those You Tube videos that were taken down because the Obama Goon Squads whined about them? I have the audio saved from about half of them.

We can also keep track of and monitor all of the libtard moonbats as they admit that they lied about President Bush and are damned proud of it.

We can also monitor the latest development where blacks are demanding that the Democrat Party apologize for their racism history and make reparations. If Obama utilizes his "blackness", I am curious as to which side of this argument he will take. I don't think he will be able to hold onto the usual tactic and take every side of every issue. Some are also wondering if the Democrats can get their KKK members up to speed and get them to shut the hell up.

We can also continue to hammer all of the voter and campaign fraud in favor of the most inexperienced politician on the planet to rise to the highest office in the world.

We can also keep track of how psychotic and narcissistic The One is and constantly remind him of it as well as bringing up the blatant media bias in favor of The One. Then again, perhaps the bias isn't there just because Obama's picture was the front cover picture 23 times in 2008 on the Time's cover page.

We can also begin the long journey of reversing that which has been done to our children for the last 50 years. We can start by making the List of 45 readily available and start preaching it like we mean it. I am tired of doing it alone. This will also require the elimination of "boiling frog socialism".
[...] Once socialism has taken over in a society it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to revert its trend. According to Winston Churchill "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." European economies grow, at their peak, by one and half, maximum two percent per year; salaries are comparatively lower than in the US, and with the exception of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the standard of living is significantly lower than the US, where a yearly growth between 4 and 5 percent is not uncommon. Unemployment in the major European economies, with the exception of Great Britain, is almost the double of US unemployment: in 2007 the unemployment rate was 4.6% in the US, 8.6% in France, 8.7% in Germany and 6.2% in Italy. Those high unemployment numbers do not translate into social unrest, however, because of the massive network of welfare, subsidies, unemployment benefits which can be afforded thanks to income taxation levels that would be considered unacceptable in America; in Europe it is normal to have more than 50%, sometimes even 60% of one's income taken by the government in taxes. [...] read the rest
That will take a lot of work and we don't have time to baby sit the phony conservatives or the fair weather conservatives or the whining conservatives. Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder so you cannot speak rationally with the emotionally unhinged.

Seeing that Obama has already started the usual DNC disenfranchising of their base after the fact, it shouldn't be all that difficult to sway folks to the right side. Then again, it could be easier still seeing that the "progressives" just might be out of ideas. Now they have to perform and that is going to be damned difficult to do especially with over 50,000,000 privately owned firearms ready to answer the call.

One of the largest fights we are going to have is this unconstitutional Nationalized Health Care thing. We will have to pay strict attention to that one. Then again, since when does a Democrat give a damn about the Constitution...federal or state?