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Friday, November 28, 2008

Reeducating The Yutes: Part 1


In a previous post entitled, "So What Do We Do About It?" we had the typical reaction from an uneducated "lefty" or a wrongfully educated "victim" of the List of 45. I cannot classify the individual making the comments a troll just yet so I will refrain from the usual "nailing of the troll to the Leftinistra cross" at this time. However, as SOP goes here, there comes a time when comments from the opposition make for good posts. This is such a time.

Click the link above and then read the post. Once that is accomplished, return here and we will discuss the comments left by the "misguided" and "wrongfully educated" student of history.

The post is about the creeping socialism in this nation beginning with President Wilson and made Law by FDR. Since that time, it has been a battle of ideology as this libtard points out. Naturally, the responder to the post in the comments section ignored the Obama birth certificate issue, and his many lies as revealed by his post-election actions and activities. The gist of the post was how the basic and general Marxist/socialist will lie to anyone and everyone to "win" an election. Their followers have not ideologies of their own and merely parrot the ideologies that appeal to their emotion because their intellects are void of substance and their void of understanding is simply AWOL.

First comment from Lib A:
You are one sick uninformed puppy. Liberalism is a mental disorder? It is liberalism that brought us Democracy, the end of child labor and so many other great reforms. It brought us free speech, the right for all citizens to vote. People with grade school educations should not be writing blogs and exposing their ignorance for all to see. I suggest you go to the Encyclopedia Britannica (if you know what that is) and look up Liberalism and conservatism. Liberalism great accomplishments take up dozens of pages and like I said before include the development of democracies. Conservatism fought all of these ideas and it's main accomplishment in America in the 20th Century was McCarthyism.

What you need is an education. Finally our country IS BEING TAKE BACK from the ignorant and uninformed which you so shamefully represent. oh that's right- Republicans have no shame! They say they are Christians as they support war and torture and the gutting of our great Constitution, written by men who were the Progressives of their times